I Am A Medical Professional ?


The majority of Irish mothers (89 per cent) have claimed to feel fulfilled in their role. However, only 12 per cent feel valued by society, according to a new motherhood research report published by Irish brand Sudocrem.

The report surveyed 400 mothers of young children and 400 grandmothers on a variety of issues including feelings towards motherhood, mothers’ ‘me-time’, and quality of life.

The results were largely positive, most mothers claimed to be generally happy and satisfied with their role as mothers and a majority say they have a good work-life balance.

Many also considered their quality of life to be better than it was for their mothers.

However, some mothers feel they are not valued in their role, lack self-confidence, and struggle to get their partner to contribute to household chores; 35 per cent of today’s mothers say they are rarely or never thanked by their family.

Almost two out of three mothers (63 per cent) also said that they would prefer to stay at home to raise their children if they had the option and were in a financial position to do so.

Writer, broadcaster and mum, Maia Dunphy said at the launch: “The vast majority of mother’s relish and enjoy their role, but the fact that they don’t feel valued for the work they do should make us all sit up and evaluate how mothers are viewed and respected by society and most importantly, what can be done to change this”.