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The Dutch MedTech developer, Mellon Medical, has secured €6 million to advance its patented technology for suturing with one hand.

The Switch® is a single-hand use precision-suturing instrument, enabling surgeons to suture tubular and layered structures with twice the speed of the conventional technique. On average, 30 per cent of operation time is spent on suturing and surgeons using conventional suturing techniques require many coordinated motions using both hands to place a single suture.

Mellon will initially focus its 8cm model on three vascular indications: carotid artery surgery, kidney transplant and peripheral bypass surgery.

In the Switch®, the needle is always secured in one of the two jaws. The predictable linear path followed by the straight needle causes less motion friction, reducing the likelihood of damage to the vessel wall and resulting in a high quality connection. Visit www.mellonmedical.com for a 3D animation.

However, this technology could in the future be used on a broader range of other disciplines, such as general surgery, microsurgery, urology, gynecology, coronary artery bypass surgery, and neurosurgery.

It is expected to reduce the risk of complications, for instance, reduced clamp time for many cardiovascular procedures, resulting in improved patient outcome and a reduction of costs.

The introduction of the device to the market has been set for late 2019/early 2020, following final development and the completion of the CE certification process. Mellon plans for FDA approval within two years after obtaining CE mark. The annual worldwide sutures and suturing devices market size is estimated at $3 billon by 2020.

Oskar Slotboom, partner at BGV and Supervisory, Board member of Mellon Medical commented: “Mellon has demonstrated a highly innovative suturing concept, which is based on advanced technological insights from vascular surgeons, in an area where little innovation has taken place. It fits well with our funds’ focus on truly innovative products that have the potential to positively impact patient care”.

Mellon has received several international innovation awards for this new invention, including one from the vascular surgeon community during last years’ Charing Cross International Symposium for Vascular Surgery in London.