I Am A Medical Professional ?


The BMJ has reported that a 67-year-old British woman was discovered to have had a shocking 27 contact lenses in her right eye, after arriving for a routine cataract surgery last November.

While being prepped for the procedure, the woman’s anesthesiologist initially noted what was described in the journal as a “blueish mass” of 17 contact lenses that had become fused together over time due to the mucus in her eye.

Her doctors later found a further 10 individual lenses in the same eye, while, interestingly, none were to be seen in her left eye.

The operating team was surprised that, other than claiming to have experienced a reduction in her vision, the patient had no complaint of irritation from such a large mass.

The patient, who had believed her discomfort to be a result of old age, had been wearing monthly disposable contacts over the past 35 years but had failed to visit her optometrist regularly.

The BMJ report also conjectured that this could have occurred because the woman had deep-set eyes.

After removing the nearly 30 contacts from the patient’s eye, her doctors opted to postpone her surgery and to prescribe antibiotics to avoid possible additional issues. She has since had the surgery and no reported complications have emerged.