I Am A Medical Professional ?


Why does Lung Disease have Ireland fighting For breath?

An average of one in five people will die of lung disease in Ireland. We have the highest incidence rates of asthma in the world and lung cancer claims more lives here than any other cancer. In addition, rates of rare lung diseases, such as Cystic Fibrosis, Alpha-1...

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Study discovers brain differences in ADHD

ADHD is associated with the delayed development of five brain regions and should be considered a brain disorder, according to a study published in The Lancet Psychiatry. The study involved more than 3,200 people. The authors say the findings could help improve...

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Effect of sleep on baby brain development

Infant, the world leading research Centre at University College Cork (UCC) and Cork University Maternity Hospital, announced this week that it will collaborate with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Services for the Baby Enrichment Research Programme (ENRICH) to explore...

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Origin of water from within earth’s mantle

Research carried out under the direction of Professor Niall English in the SFI-funded Materials, Energy and Water Simulations (MEWS) research group in UCD’s School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, has indicated that water on earth may have originated within its...

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