I Am A Medical Professional ?


A DAY IN THE LIFE: Dr Jerry Cowley

Dynamic doctor fighting for rural rights in the west   What does he do? - Dr Jerry Cowley is a man of very many talents. A tireless campaigner on behalf of his patients and his people, Jerry is a Mayo man through and through. He is married to Teresa - also a Mayo...

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UCD lead research to accelerate the development of cancer and ophthalmic treatments UCD is leading a new international industry-academia consortium to accelerate the development of therapeutic interventions for cancer and eye disease through enhanced intersectoral and...

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INTERVIEW: Arrival of Robotics

Arrival of Robotics has pushed up surgical standards in prostate operations  Consultant Kiaran O’Malley will reach a milestone 1,000 robotic surgeries late this year.In this interview with Rachel Cunningham, he gives his views on how the arrival of the new procedure...

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UK survey finds doctors worst drivers on the road

THE old phrase of ‘physician heal thyself’ may well apply to you if a recent survey is to be believed. It claims that those in the medical profession consistently suffer the affliction of being among the worst drivers on the road. There must be some substance to the...

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Doctors can force change on Children’s Hospital – Irwin

Eventually after planning permission was given they came to my annual family day, saw how angry the parents were at the way they were proceeding… and even then didn’t listen A leading campaigner on children’s issues has called on the country’s doctors to rise up...

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