I Am A Medical Professional ?


Money in Question

Q: We are selling our four-bedroom home after 30 years and moving to an apartment in a more urban location which hopefully will result in lower maintenance costs, less time struggling to tame  a large mostly-overgrown garden.  Improved access to public transport and...

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AstraZeneca earnings up seen as boost for investors

The group reported results for the fourth quarter of 2016 recently that were better than some analysts had predicted   It is proving to be a long wait for investors in AstraZeneca, the bio-pharma group originally set up by 400 Swedish doctors and pharmacists, which is...

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Now Audi’s new ‘baby’ Q2 joins the Crossover craze

I’d love it if the psychologists among you could explain to me how and why we have become so besotted - there is no other word for it - with crossovers and SUVs. Why is it that we now feel it is essential to have a car that is taller, more angular and muscular than a...

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Making sure you get the right person

In the first of a new series on the right way to hire staff, employment expert Conor Hannaway looks at the importance of titles within an organisation One of the country’s better-known healthcare organisations recently recruited a personnel manager. Instead of calling...

Are you one of those exempt from property tax?

Property Tax bills are dropping on the doormats of many home-owners across the country these days and it is important to know whether you are entitled to an exemption from paying this unpopular tax. Despite all the political furore and heat about Water Charges,...

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