I Am A Medical Professional ?


Vitamin B3, a lot of which is found in Marmite, could treat molecular deficiencies in pregnant women, a new study has indicated, meaning that the well-known spread might be connected with the prevention of miscarriage and birth defects.

The study was conducted by the Victor Chang Cardia Research Institute in Sydney, Australia, over a 12-year period and could affect the one in four pregnancies that result in miscarriage in Ireland, in addition to the significantly higher rate among women aged over 35.

Professor Simon Fishel, Director of Beacon CARE Fertility, commented on these findings, stating that, while the findings were intriguing and a “potentially important scientific study”, he warned that many factors cause miscarriages to occur.

He explained: “As Vitamin B3 is fairly ubiquitous in the foods we eat, NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) deficiency is more likely to be associated with a defective gene, or metabolic process; so discovering who is, or is likely to require Niacin supplementation is crucial to understanding its value”.