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Why the government should now fully fund the Medical Council

Dear Editor, I proposed a motion, seconded by Dr. Matthew Sadlier, at the IMO AGM in April last year (2016).  The motion, that the IMO should call on the government to fund the Medical Council entirely from its own resources, passed unanimously.  In proposing the...

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Gene therapy reverses cancer in one-third of patients

A gene therapy trial has reversed terminal blood cancer in a third of patients with chemorefractory aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The trial used a method known as CAR-T therapy, where genetically modified cells are extracted from the patient’s own...

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When perception becomes reality

It’s amazing how the rules for the real world and the political world have so little bearing on each other. Just last week the Irish Independent carried an article highlighting the halving of elective surgery operations in Irish hospitals over the past four years. If...

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