I Am A Medical Professional ?


Coping with medical student syndrome

Bad enough as studying an ever bewildering array of diseases is, contracting the rare and debilitating condition currently under revision would be far worse. Oh, the irony! – Epitaph of the medical student struck down in his/her prime by a pathology being studied for...

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Key to overcoming the half-lived life

Oh, the horrors of the half lived life! I have no problem with dying but I have a huge problem with dying without having lived. I’m writing this column from Vietnam, in the middle of the bustling city of Hanoi. There’s a mass of people taking exercise all over the...

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Should all Irish acute hospitals have MRI scanners?

BY Dr Jack Gerbodach We all know about MRI scanners - wonderful gadgets that can look inside you and are especially good at looking at soft tissues. They use no radiation so, like ultrasound, MRI scans are harmless and can be repeated frequently without any known...

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Gene therapy reverses cancer in one-third of patients

A gene therapy trial has reversed terminal blood cancer in a third of patients with chemorefractory aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The trial used a method known as CAR-T therapy, where genetically modified cells are extracted from the patient’s own...

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