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Japan tackle issue of 5 million dementia sufferers

Tokyo, Japan A city in Tokyo has engaged in the unique experiment of bar-coding its elderly, in a bid to cope with its growing numbers of elderly people with dementia. Over five million of Japan’s elderly are suffering with dementia. 10,000 dementia patients are...

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Let there be sight thanks to new retinal implant

ITALY Scientists who have created a retinal implant that has restored lost vision in rats are planning a clinical trial on humans later this year.The implant converts light into an electrical signal that then stimulates retinal neurons. The hope is that it could...

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Scientists make strides in developing artificial life

INTERNATIONAL Scientists have successfully synthesised six out of 16 yeast chromosomes, making significant progress in the development of artificial life. This places them over one-third of the way to building custom-made yeast genomes. Over 200 scientists are...

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Pregnancy reveals tumour beneath mum-of-five’s birthmark

West Lancashire, England Pregnancy saved the life of a mum of five who has lived with a birthmark on her forehead all her life. Nicknamed “the unicorn” in school, Sam Davies thought little of the blemish on her face until she noticed that it flared up each time she...

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Drive to prevent spread of Zika virus

Canada Zika virus was initially introduced to the Americas in 2013, with widespread transmission occurring since late 2015. The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal last week and those involved claimed that its findings highlight the...

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