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Minister Harris has stated that the Citizens’ Assembly Eighth Amendment to the constitution report, published yesterday (Thursday 29th June), will now be considered by a Special Oireachtas Committee.

The Committee will report its conclusions and recommendations to both Houses of the Oireachtas within three months of its first public meeting before members of the Dáil and Seanad will get the chance to debate the issue before final Government consideration.

The purpose of the Citizens’ Assembly, established by the Government in line with their Programme for Partnership Government commitment, is to consider a variety of matters, including constitutional reform.

The Minister commented: “It is very important now that the Special Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment commence its work to examine the recommendations of the Citizen’s Assembly. This is an issue that, as a nation, we now need to deal with definitively. This must be a respectful debate and I am determined that we will prove ourselves capable of addressing these issues in a respectful way. I want to be the Minister who brings forward the legislation to enable this important referendum in 2018.”