I Am A Medical Professional ?


West Lancashire, England

Pregnancy saved the life of a mum of five who has lived with a birthmark on her forehead all her life. Nicknamed “the unicorn” in school, Sam Davies thought little of the blemish on her face until she noticed that it flared up each time she fell pregnant. After giving birth to four girls, her fifth pregnancy with her son caused the bump on her skin to go “out of control,” she told The Sun newspaper. As her bump grew, so too did her birthmark, which doctors believed was triggered by her son’s male hormones.  The mark eventually exploded in the 32nd week of her pregnancy, rendering her understandably “panic stricken”. She was rushed to hospital following the loss of a substantial amount of blood and the wound was stitched. Sam was then monitored until the birth of her son, Paul Jnr.

Doctors discovered that the tip of the blemish contained three haemangioma, one of which had a small number of cancerous cells, when she attended the hospital for a check up. She underwent an embolisation, where a special material was injected in an effort to cease blood flow from the birthmark. Four operations later, she believed herself to be cured, only to discover that the material had begun to leak from her forehead. She then had to undergo life-saving surgery, exposing a portion of her skull. Two years on from her pregnancy, and after a year of treatment, Sam is awaiting reconstructive surgery and is tumour and pain free, although she does not intend to have any more children.