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The Rotunda Hospital has launched an innovation hub to faciltate the development of innovative ideas that can improve patient care and hospital processes.

The Rotunda Innovation Hub will function as a multi-disciplinary virtual department within the hospital responsible for supporting innovative ideas that can improve patient care and hospital processes.

It has been developed to enable staff to brainstorm, prototype and test new ideas across departments and regular forums and hackathons will be held to help generate ideas and brainstorm solutions.

Rotunda Hospital have stated that through nurturing progressive ideas from staff and patients in this hub, they hope to improve patient experience, optimise outcomes, and reduce in costs.

Professor Fergal Malone, Master of the Rotunda, said: “This novel Innovation Hub approach is a further example of the Rotunda Hospital’s leadership in solving common problems in challenges in maternity, newborn and gynaecologic care for families in our community.

“Developed organically from within, the Innovation Hub draws on the best and brightest ideas from Rotunda Hospital staff and patients and has provided practical, real-world solutions to common clinical problems. We anticipate that the Innovation Hub will continue to grow from strength to strength in advancing care for our mothers, babies and families.”

Dr Joanna Griffin, Director of Research at Rotunda Hospital, added: “The Rotunda Innovation Hub aims to cultivate an enthusiasm for innovation among all our staff. We are confident that the ideas and concepts that emerge from the hub will lead to improved patient experiences and outcomes”.