I Am A Medical Professional ?


Coping with medical student syndrome

Bad enough as studying an ever bewildering array of diseases is, contracting the rare and debilitating condition currently under revision would be far worse. Oh, the irony! – Epitaph of the medical student struck down in his/her prime by a pathology being studied for…
Dr. Cellophane   and the cold hard  clinical reality

Dr. Cellophane and the cold hard clinical reality

Just as chickens assert dominance with the beak, the medical student is reminded of his/her place upon the hospital “pecking order” by being routinely ignored. The memory of halcyon days spent reclining in lecture halls, the comforting warmth of coffee in hand, only…

Discovering the patience for patients

My first dressing-down by a consultant in front of an entire team wasn’t so bad. At the time it was mortifying, but I got over that and actually learned a valuable lesson. I have come to think of the outburst as more of an impassioned – if somewhat strongly-worded –…