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To be responsible for the management, care, and treatment of service users, to ensure that the optimum standard of care is provided within the designated area(s) of responsibility. The post holder will work a collaborative manner with the ADON and deputize in the absence of the ADON. 

The primary role of the CNM will be one of clinical and professional leadership and development of the nursing team, including the development of nursing staff by means of in-service training, orientation of new staff and arranging for clinical experience and supervision of student nurses where this is appropriate. 

The post holder is responsible for ensuring delivery of quality patient care within the Coronary Care Unit.


Professional / Clinical Responsibilities
• Be responsible for the co-ordination, assessment, planning, implementation, and review of care for service users according to service standards.
• Provide safe, comprehensive nursing care to service users within the guidelines laid out by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.
• The Manager will practice nursing according to JCI Standards, Professional Clinical Guidelines, Health Act 2007, regulations 2014, local policies, protocols, and guidelines, current legislation• Manage own caseload in accordance with the needs of the post.

• Demonstrate evidence -based practice, using a care planning approach to nursing care.
• Participate in teams as appropriate, communicating and working in co-operation with other team members.
• Collaborate with service users, family, carers, and other staff in treatment / care planning and in the provision of support and advice.
• Communicate verbally and / or in writing results of assessments, treatment / care programmes and recommendations to the team and relevant others in accordance with service policy.
• Plan discharge or transition of the service user between services as appropriate.
• Assist in providing staff leadership and motivation, which is conducive to good staff relations and work performance.
• Ensure that service users and others are treated with dignity and respect.
• Maintain nursing records in accordance with local service and professional standards.
• Contribute to the development and maintenance of nursing standards, protocols, and guidelines consistent with the highest standards of patient care.
• Maintain professional standards in relation to confidentiality, ethics, and legislation.
• In consultation with the ADON’s and other disciplines, implement and assess quality initiative programmes.
• Participate in clinical audit and disseminate KPI ‘s monthly.
• Devise and implement Health Promotion Programmes for service users as relevant to the post.
• Lead and implement change, with reference to recommendations of the Commission on Nursing.
• Operate within the Scope of Practice – seek advice and assistance from his / her manager with any cases or issues that prove to be beyond the scope of his / her professional competence in line with principles of best practice and clinical governance.

Health & Safety
As an employee of UPMC you have a responsibility to:
• Play a central role in maintaining a safe environment for service users, staff, and visitors e.g., by contributing to risk assessment.
• Assist in observing and ensuring implementation and adherence to established policies and procedures e.g., health and safety, infection control, storage and use of controlled drugs etc.
• Observe report and take appropriate action on any matter which may be detrimental to service user care or well- being / may be inhibiting the efficient provision of care.
• Ensure completion of incident / near miss forms are reported on Vi-Clarity
• Adhere to department policies in relation to the care and safety of any equipment supplied for the fulfilment of duty.
• Have a working knowledge of the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards as they apply to the role.
• Take reasonable care of your own Health and Safety and that of any other person who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work.
• Co-operate with UPMC in ensuring that statutory regulations, codes of practice, local policies and departmental health and safety rules are adhered to
• Not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety.

Information Governance
UPMC is committed to compliance with Information Governance standards to ensure that all information is handled legally, securely, efficiently, and effectively. You are required to comply with the UPMC Information Governance policies and standards.
• Confidentiality and Security – Your attention is drawn to the confidential nature of information collected within UPMC. Whilst you are employed by UPMC you will encounter confidential information and data relating to the work of UPMC, its patients or employees. You are bound by your conditions of service to respect the confidentiality of any information you may encounter which identifies patients, employees or other UPMC personnel, or business information of the Company. You also have a duty to ensure that all confidential information is always held securely, both on and off site.
• Disclosure of Information – The unauthorized use or disclosure of information relating to UPMC activities or affairs, the treatment of patients or the personal details of an employee, will normally be considered a serious disciplinary offence which could result in dismissal. Upon leaving UPMC employment and at any time thereafter you must not take advantage of or disclose confidential information that you learnt in the course of your employment. Unauthorized disclosure of any of this information may be deemed as a criminal offence.
• Information Quality and Records Management – You must ensure that all information handled by you is accurate and kept up-to-date and you must comply with recording, monitoring, validation and improvement schemes and processes.

Professional Standards and Engagement & Competency Process
As an employee of UPMC you have a responsibility to:
• participate in statutory and mandatory training as appropriate for the post.
• maintain consistently high personal and professional standards and act in accordance with the relevant professional code of conduct.
• take responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of personal and professional competence and to encourage that of colleagues and subordinates.
• participate in UPMC’s E&C processes including identifying performance standards for the post, personal objective setting and the creation of a personal development plan.

Social Responsibility
UPMC is committed to behaving responsibly in the way we manage transport, procurement, our facilities, employment, skills, and our engagement with the local community so that we can make a positive contribution to society. As an employee of UPMC you have a responsibility to take measures to support our contribution and to reduce the environmental impact of our activities relating to energy and water usage, transport, and waste.

This job description represents a summary of the main responsibilities of the post and not an exhaustive list of duties to be undertaken. The duties may be redefined following discussion with the line manager.

Qualifications and Experience:

Skills Essential to the Post
• Relationship building skills
• Ability to multitask and prioritise accordingly.
• Work towards and meet deadlines.
• IT skills, proficiency in.
 MS Word/PowerPoint/Excel
• Outlook
• Folder management and systematic Filing
• Infographics/organisational structures/workflow productions
• Clockwise Time & Attendance system
• Microsoft TEAMS

Person Specification 

 • Have at least 3 years post registration experience of which 2 must be in the specialty area of Coronary Care or Clinical Cardiology
• Be registered in the General Division of the Register of Nurses & Midwives maintained by Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) or be entitled to be so registered
• Have the clinical, managerial, and administrative capacity to properly discharge the functions of the role
• Post Grad Qualification in Cardiology

• Minimum of 5 years in Cardiology whereby 2 years at least based in the Coronary Care Unit.
• Demonstrate depth and breadth of experience in Invasive Cardiology as relevant to the role.
• Experience in Management with excellent interpersonal skills.

Job Specific Competencies and Knowledge:

• Effective communication skills
• Organisation and time management skills
• Effective analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills
• Commitment to provide a quality service
• Demonstrate the ability to lead on clinical practice and service quality
• Demonstrate promotion of evidence-based decision making
• Demonstrate practitioner competence and professionalism
• Demonstrate the ability to plan organise effectively
• Demonstrate the ability to build and lead a team
• Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills including the ability to build and maintain relationships
• Demonstrate strong communication and influencing skills
• Demonstrate initiative and innovation in the delivery of service
• Demonstrate resilience and composure
• Demonstrate openness to change
• Demonstrate integrity and ethical stance
• Demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development
• Demonstrate the ability to relate nursing research to nursing practice
• Demonstrate an awareness of HR policies and procedures including disciplinary procedures
• Demonstrate an awareness of current and emerging nursing strategies and policy in relation to the clinical / designated area.

Personal Competencies:
• Exercise authority in the running of the assigned area
• Provide the necessary co-ordination and deployment of nursing and support staff in designated area(s) of responsibility, ensuring that skill mix takes account of fluctuating workloads and ensuring maximisation of available resources.
• Assess and monitor trends through collection and analysis of activity and data and keeping the ADON and Senior Nursing Management informed of changing work patterns, which may require increased resource allocation.
• Collaborate with the ADON/DON in preparing, implementing, and evaluating budget and service plans for the clinical area.
• Co-operate in managing all resources – including nursing and non-nursing staff within an agreed budget.
• Promote a culture that values diversity and respect in the workplace
• Assist in maintaining the necessary clinical and administrative records and reporting arrangements / contribute to quality assurance by assisting in data collection.
• Ensure that patient care equipment is maintained to an appropriate standard
• Ensure compliance with legal requirements, policies and procedures affecting service users, staff, and other hospital matters.
• Participate actively in the Nursing Management structure by ‘acting up’ when required.
• Engage in IT developments as they apply to service user and service administration.

This job description is intended to be an outline of the areas of responsibility and deliverables at the time of its writing. As the Hospital and the post holder develop, this job description may be subject to review considering the changing needs of the service.

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