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Job Description



Job Title ; Clinical Nurse Manager 2


Department ; Endoscopy


Reports to ; CNM3


Date ; 2022

Overall Aim of Job

To provide exceptional patient care in an environment where quality, respect, caring and compassion are at the centre of all we do.

The nurse manager is accountable for the effective delivery of competent, compassionate and efficient care in Endoscopy on a six day a week basis. He/she will be accountable for providing leadership and clinical expertise for the nursing team to ensure the delivery of safe and effective care for patients undergoing endoscopic procedures.

The role will incorporate clinical and administrative duties, together with service development in conjunction with Endoscopy and Urology Service Manager.   

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables


1.                 To promote the ethos and philosophy of the Beacon Hospital.

2.                 To ensure safe and effective care is delivered to patient requiring endoscopic procedures.

3.                 To manage the Endoscopy unit on a day to day basis to ensure safe and efficient delivery of care by all members of the team.

4.                 To help promote a multi-disciplinary team approach within the Endoscopy Unit.

5.                 To co-operate with endoscopy service manager, endoscopy clinical lead, medical staff and others in achieving a high standard of patient care and treatment required for JAG accreditation.

6.                 To be conscious of budgetary costs within the Department.

Main Duties


           Day to day

1.                 To exercise effective leadership by achieving high morale, based on professional behaviour, sound organisation, good interpersonal relationships and communication.

2.                 Manage duty rotas /annual leave and study leave to ensure that at all times there is adequate nursing cover and appropriate skill mix required providing an efficient and safe client service.

3.                 Co-ordinate requests for endoscopy lists emergency endoscopy procedures, additional endoscopy lists and allocate resources appropriately, in conjunction with Surgical Service Manager. Liaising with Consultants and their secretaries.

4.                 To support the endoscopy scheduling team clinically.

5.                 To Support the HSE/NTPF Tender work in conjunction with public initiatives department team.

6.                 Ensure that endoscopic equipment is correctly decontaminated according to international standards and maintained in safe working order. In conjunction with the RIMD team.

7.                 Manages Decontamination area day to day, in conjunction with the team leader and bio-engineering team.

8.                 Manage the endoscopy nursing and Decontamination team and their performance ensuring a safe clinical environment is maintained.

9.                 To liaise and co-ordinate with other department managers and unit co-ordinators to manage complex cases and support Paediatric endoscopy in the theatre setting.

10.             To attend hospital management meetings weekly.


Clinical leader


11.             Participate in the delivery of care in both a practical and teaching capacity in order to ensure best practice standards are maintained.

12.             Ensure patient safety goals are maintained and hospital procedures and policies are adhered to.

13.             Supervise the delivery of the service, ensuring patients’ needs are identified and nursing actions are planned, implemented, evaluated, and then documented accurately.

14.             Respond to patients complaints and the management of adverse events.

15.             Establish good communication between patients, their relatives and all visitors to the Endoscopy Department.

16.             Demonstrate clinical expertise in Endoscopy nursing.

17.             Ensure systems and processes are in place to support and lead nursing staff in providing patient centred care to agreed standards.

18.             Arrange, organise and minute regular EUG *Endoscopy User Group meetings as per JAG guidelines. Present all clinical Audits carried out to the User group.

19.             Arrange and minute regular staff nurse and decontamination meetings -As per JAG guidelines with clinical lead.




20.             Ensure effective delivery of care by monitoring and evaluating patient care processes and outcomes in line with best practice.

21.             Liaise with Infection Control and hospital Decontamination lead to ensure that decontamination of endoscopes is performed to required standards. Ensure policies on decontamination of endoscopes meet current legislative standards.

22.             Liaise with Quality and Risk Management Team with regard to incidents/accidents that may occur and ensure accurate recording of events.

23.             Ensure all relevant hospital and local policies and procedures are readily available, and staff informed of any changes.

24.             Ensure all accidents and complaints are fully documented, according to hospital policy, and steps taken to prevent re-occurrence.

25.             Ensure practice is compliant with JCI standards. Prepare the staff and unit for JCI accreditation.

26.             Maintain JAG accreditation annually. Upload and carry out clinical Audits needed for JAG evidence, Quarterly and Annually. Actively acting upon results of Audits.

27.             Upload unit data to the national NIQAS data base, Quarterly.

28.             Assists with Decontamination Audits required to maintain JAG evidence.




29.             Assist new staff with their introduction to the endoscopy unit using planned orientation and mentorship programmes.

30.             Participate in, in-house training and further education programmes.

31.             Expected to attend national endoscopy related meetings and forums, for networking and to maintain up to date practice within the department.

32.             Develop clinical, managerial and personal competencies for the nursing team.

33.             Ensure attendance of all staff at mandatory training.

34.             Arrange regular up to date equipment training for staff.


35.             Develop and monitor awareness of costs by explanation of team responsibility for economical use, and effective management and control of resources within Endoscopy.

36.             Supervise and assist with the ordering, and control of supplies, and the assessment of equipment requirements, repairs and replacement.

37.             To Present the Endoscopy Unit future Budget plans for the coming year, to the senior management team.




Beacon Hospital

Person Specification




  1. Registered Nurse on live register of Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.
  2. Degree relevant to nursing essential.
  3. Management qualification desirable.
  4. Relevant post registration course desirable.



(Amount and Type)

1.     Minimum 7 years’ experience in relevant speciality essential.

2.     2-3 years management experience desirable.

3.     Demonstrate leadership and organisational skills in Endoscopy.

4.     Experience of JAG accreditation.


Job Specific Competencies and Knowledge




1.     Demonstrate effective professional clinical leadership by practicing an enabling management style which will facilitate communication, and be a role model for staff.

2.     Develop and maintain knowledge of JAG accreditation requirements.

3.     Carry out, present and act upon clinical Audits. Competent with Excel and IT Skills.

4.     Develop and maintain knowledge of JCI standards.

5.     Ability to perform staff appraisals

6.     Demonstrate effective interpersonal competencies

7.     To be an effective team leader regarding adequate use of resources.

8.     To facilitate change management.

9.     To assist in planning the service needs of the Department.

10. To assist in the budget management of the Department.

Personal Competencies

·        All posts in Beacon Hospital require a high level of flexibility to ensure the delivery of an effective and efficient service. Therefore, the post holder will be required to demonstrate flexibility as and when required by their manager of hospital management.

This job description is intended to be an outline of the areas of responsibility and deliverables at the time of writing. As the hospital and the post holder develop, this job description maybe subject to review in light of the changing needs of the Hospital.

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