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Job Description


Job Title ; CNM2

Department ; Intensive Care Unit

Reports to ; CNM3

Date ; 2022


Overall Purpose of Job


The mission of Beacon Hospital is to provide exceptional patient care in an environment where quality, respect, caring and compassion are at the centre of all we do.


The Clinical Coordinator is responsible for directing and overseeing the daily activities of the Critical Care unit on an assigned shift.


Key Responsibilities and Deliverables

 Coordinates and directs the daily patient care operations of the Intensive Care Unit.

 Analyses workloads and skill requirements to meet patient care needs.

 Assesses staff competencies and makes patient care assignments.

 Delegates appropriate tasks to appropriate personnel, consistent with legal and professional guidelines and departmental standards.

 Maintains clear communications with the Nurse Manager regarding unit needs and incidents.

 Serves as a resource person on the unit.

 Assists with patient care as needed.

 Identifies appropriate internal controls for department; provides mechanisms to monitor and enforce compliance.

 Performs related duties as required.

 Help foster a supportive working environment by demonstrating excellent leadership ability and communication skills


Clinical Responsibilities

The post holder will be familiar with and adhere to The Professional Scope of Practice Framework (NMBI 2000).


The post holder will partake in the Total Quality Management processes thereby contributing to:

 The identification of quality, policy & guideline issues.

 The evaluation of current practices to best practice.

 They will take a lead role in identifying new QIPs for ICU and will be responsible for the process of research, education, implementation and evaluation and presentation of same.

 The setting of standards utilising structure, process and outcome.

 All hospital, regional and national audit processes.

 The Hospital Wide Accreditation Cycle.


Managerial Responsibilities


 The timely identification and communication of any issues to the Nurse Manager.

 Promote a culture that values diversity and respect in the work place

 Demonstrate a confidence and competence in all hospital policies and guidelines.

 Efficient recording of all necessary documentation.

 Effective managements of complaints.

 Monitoring of all risk management processes. Ensure all necessary QMs are entered in a timely fashion.

 Coordinator to coordinator hand over on every shift using the ICU diary.

 Auditing of staff compliance with documentation on a regular basis and re education of staff when required.

 If consistent gaps in nursing practices or documentation found in any staff CNM2 to highlight same to manager with a plan in place to address and possibility for a performance improvement plan.

 Maintaining an effective interdisciplinary communication processes including documentation of all meetings held with staff.

 Efficient utilisation of pay and non-pay resources.

 Participate in all Critical Care Unit and hospital nursing communication processes.

 Participate in the mentoring and implementation of orientation and teaching programme for new nurses in the clinical setting.

 Be responsible for performance reviews of staff.

 Rostering of staff ensuring correct staffing ratios and skill sets.

 Attends staff meetings, reads email and other postings.

 Attends all required in-services.

 Ensures all mandatory training is up to date for themselves and all staff.



Personal & Professional Responsibilities


 Maintain a professional portfolio.

 Be proactive in developing their own competencies

 Ensure their professional and personal persona positively reflects the profession of nursing and Beacon Hospital.

 Identify potential and beneficial topics for nursing research.

 Utilise all practical opportunities to educate the patient and their families.

Be a preceptor and or supervisor to students & newly appointed staff.

 Participate in their performance review with their Nurse Manager.


Educational Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Nurse Managers the post holder will:

 Develop teaching skills and participate in the planning implementation of orientation and teaching programmes for student nurses in the clinical setting.

 Provide feedback to Nurse Managers in the compilation of proficiency assessments for nurses in the clinical setting.

 Contribute to the identification of training needs pertinent to the clinical area.

 Identify and contribute to the continual enhancement of learning opportunities in the clinical area.

 Develop leadership ability in order to act as an effective role model. Participate in the clinical induction of all new nursing and support staff.

  Shared Responsibility for the oversight of the sign off for new nurses of their competencies.


 Assume responsibility for own learning and development needs.



 Maintain good working relationships with other departments and with physicians, patients, families and outside agencies.

 Demonstrate the ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities.

 Participate in ongoing consultation and collaboration with physicians and other care.

 Provides to maximize patient outcomes and unit specific goals.

 Demonstrate willingness to assist co-workers whenever needed.




Person Specification


 NMBI Registered General Nurse license in good standing.


 Five years clinical ICU experience preferred.

 Must possess teaching abilities, leadership qualities, professional judgment, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and a sense of professional development.  

 Must demonstrate multi-tasking ability.

 Use effective time management skills.

Job Specific Competencies and Knowledge


 Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

 Motivated and an innovative approach to job.


Communication & Interpersonal Skills

 Effective communication skills including the ability to present information in a clear and concise manner.

 Have an understanding of change management.


Planning & Organizing

 Demonstrate evidence of effective planning, organizing and time management skills.

 Have flexible approach to internal rotations, rostering, e.g. night duty, attitude to work.



 Demonstrate evidence of recent and relevant experience in the specialised area and in an acute hospital setting.

 Knowledge of new developments in specialised area.

 Knowledge of national strategies where appropriate to nursing care.


Patient & Customer Focus

 Focus on quality.

 Demonstrate evidence of ability to empathise with and treat patients, relatives and colleagues with dignity and respect.

Personal Competencies

 All posts in Beacon Hospital require a high level of flexibility to ensure the delivery of an effective and efficient service. Therefore, the post holder will be required to demonstrate flexibility as and when required by their manager or hospital management.


This job description is intended to be an outline of the areas of responsibility and deliverables at the time of its writing.  As the Hospital and the post holder develop, this job description may be subject to review in light of the changing needs of the Hospital.


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 Auditing of staff compliance with documentation on a regular basis and re education of staff when required.