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Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that tries to increase mobility and function also improve the overall well-being of a patient. Physiotherapy can aid with overall health and fitness, physical rehabilitation, injury, and prevention. Physiotherapists urge you to take an active role in your recovery. Consider physiotherapy if you have an injury or persistent discomfort that is interfering with your everyday activities. After surgery, such as a hip replacement, or an incident such as a heart attack or stroke, your doctor may recommend physiotherapy. If you want to utilize health insurance to assist cover the expense of physiotherapy, double-check that the physiotherapist is covered on your insurance company’s website. You will not be able to utilize your benefits if the physiotherapist is not covered by that insurance provider, and you will have to pay the whole cost of therapy. Physiotherapists focus on both prevention and rehabilitation. Psychotherapy can help with neck and back pain caused by muscle and bone problems. Arthritis and the after-effects of amputation can cause problems in the bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments if you have a similar problem our Physiotherapy Clondalkin can treat it. Asthma and other lung diseases can also be treated with our expert Physiotherapy in Dublin Childbirth-related pelvic concerns, such as bladder and bowel problems are treatable with Physio Clondalkin. Mobility loss as a result of brain or spine injuries or disorders like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis can also be cured with the help of Physio Dublin. Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy methods like joint and soft tissue mobilization, as well as treatments like ultrasound, taping, and electrical stimulation, can help alleviate pain and improve muscle and joint function. These treatments can also help to prevent discomfort from recurring. With DC Physiotherapy you can Reduce or eliminate pain from different parts of your body. If physical therapy helps you relieve pain or recover from an injury, surgery may not be required. Even if surgery is required, physical therapy prior to surgery may be useful. In many cases, if you go through physiotherapy can help you can heal faster after the surgery. Furthermore, avoiding surgery decreases healthcare costs. Our Physio Clondalkin can help you to skip the pain and danger of surgery. No matter what your age is Physical therapy can help you stand, walk, or move more easily. Physical therapists can appropriately fit people with canes, crutches, or any other type of assistive equipment, as well as examine them for orthotic prescription. We at DC Physiotherapy help you to increase your mobility.


Chartered Physiotherapist, Specialist low back and neck pain. Expert in Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy. Specialist with dealing with Road Traffic Accident injuries. Please see a full description below.

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