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Columnist Mari Gallagher: Singing away the blues


My friend’s husband has recently joined a local choir. “You should see him when he comes in,” she said, “he looks so uplifted and happy, like he’s been to heaven and back.” She also described how the house is filled with gorgeous choral music that she has never before listened to, pieces such as Vexilla Regis by Anton Bruckner as her husband enthusiastically practises for his fortnightly singing session.


Columnist George Winter talks designer vaginas


I’ve neither seen a labrador sporting a tattoo, nor a stag with a steel ring through an antler. And until I’m told about the wildebeest that, just for the hell of it, dyed its coat the colour of a pastel-sweatered golfer, I will continue to believe that humans are the only animals to purposely change their appearance – scarring, tattooing, riveting – and to have their bodies surgically re-shaped according to personal taste.


Out with the old


Another cheering thing about 2011 is that we will shortly have a new Minister for Health. Before we do so, we should, in all fairness, appraise the current incumbent, and consider the impact of the current administration. It is a peculiar flaw of our own political system that the position of Minister for Health is really a large prize awarded to one of the best performing boys or girls in the Government, usually following an election.


Reform of prison medical facilities an urgent priority


Dr Gregory Kelly, Secretary of the Irish Prison Doctors Association, speaks to Niamh Cahill about worsening healthcare conditions in many Irish prisons.

Prisons, by their very nature, will never be easy or stress-free places to work. Providing healthcare to criminals and those who have
committed serious crimes is a job few doctors would relish.



Uptake in breast cancer screening


THE UPTAKE of breast cancer screening is low in relation to education levels in the Republic of Ireland, according to a recent study presented at the 2nd All
Ireland Conference on Population Based Cancer Research, held by the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI).


New High Court rules on mediation and conciliation


New High Court rules on mediation and conciliation (the “rules”), under which a High Court judge may adjourn legal proceedings to allow the parties to engage in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), may yield an increase in the number of medical negligence claims being settled through mediation, conciliation or other forms of ADR.


Codeine restrictions giving patients a headache


People addicted to over the counter (OTC ) painkillers containing codeine received a harsh blow last August when rumblings from pharmaceutical
regulatory authorites got louder and the products were placed under much stricter regulation.


Great expectations


An exclusive short story for IMN by author Dr Paul Carson

What happens when you move to a new area and need medical attention? Do you know how to check the quality and accountability of the local medics? Equally can they be sure of your bona fides? Are you a genuine patient or a druggie scouting the premises and looking for an opportune moment to steal prescription pads or pharmaceutical samples? If you’re wary about the doctor, is it only fair to suggest that occasionally the doctor is wary of you?

What are you expecting from your visit? And what will the doctor discover about you during the consultation? If you’re unsure as to what I’m hinting at consider this scenario:


A novel career path


Staring at the inside of a prison cell shortly after publishing his first record-breaking crime thriller is something Dr Paul Carson never envisioned. In his case, however, his brief time at Wheatfield Prison, although frightening, turned out to be the experience of a lifetime.

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