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Increasing incidence of major trauma in older people

Healthcare professionals from all over Ireland gathered this week to attend the Major Trauma Audit (MTA) Study Day, where the topic of discussion was the increasing incidence of major trauma in older people and effective management strategies for these patients. MTA Clinical Lead, Dr Conor Deasy noted the evolving nature of trauma; from high-energy trauma involving young men, to lower energy trauma associated with an ageing population, and the consequent implications for trauma service planning and delivery.

The first MTA national report, published in November 2016, outlined a high incidence of older patients sustaining major trauma; 40 per cent of patients were aged 65 years or older and 75 per cent had sustained a fall of less than 2 metres. The MTA is intended to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes for trauma patients in Ireland through monitoring care and driving quality improvement. The National Report informs policymakers, hospital management and a wide range of healthcare professionals about trauma care delivery in Irish hospitals.

On a more local level, this data guides individual hospitals on how they can improve the quality of care they deliver, and nationally it enables strategic planning for the future development of care of trauma patients in Ireland. Major Trauma Audit (MTA) was the first national clinical audit to be approved by the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC). The NCEC provides a mechanism of endorsement of clinical audit mandated by the Minister for Health.