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Our Jean walks the walk for Debra Ireland

By February 8, 2017 No Comments

Firewalk Instructor, Brian Moore, Jean Lawless, IMN, Jimmy Searon, CEO Debra Ireland and front, Liz Scanlon and daughter Claudia Scanlon

“All in the line of duty” I convinced myself as I headed over to the Talbot Hotel (former Stillorgan Park Hotel), Dublin last Friday evening to do the Firewalk Challenge in aid of Debra Ireland, a charity which provides support to sufferers of EB (epidermolysis bullosa).

Judith Gilsenan, Debra Ireland’s Head of Fundraising said they were hoping to raise €15,000 on the night which would go towards funding research to find treatments and cures for EB and skin cancer.

Thirteen-year-old Claudia Scanlon who suffers from the debilitating and painful disease was there to cheer on the 30 plus participants who walked over three metres of wood embers burning at 800 degrees, having undergone a 2-hour mental and physical preparation given by Brian More, motivational speaker and firewalk instructor.

Every one of us completed the walk unscathed and came away having not only learnt that we can all overcome our fears and limitations with willpower but knowing that we had helped a very worthwhile cause, having listened to Claudia’s mum Liz give an emotional and passionate speech on her daughters daily struggle with her condition.

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