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Kinesis Health Technologies Raises €590k

By November 15, 2016 No Comments

University College Dublin’s health technology spinout Kinesis Health Technologies has secured €590,000 from a number of private investors, in addition to a High-Potential Start-Up (HPSU) investment from Enterprise Ireland. This money will contribute to the expansion of global sales for its intelligent diagnostic devices. The focus of Kinesis is to create products that can provide clinical insights into the assessment of a patient’s movement using wearable sensor-based technologies. The products are used by the healthcare professionals to improve their ability to identify which older patients are at risk of falling and requiring help or intervention, to evaluate the response of a patient to therapy and to assess for neurological disorders. An estimated 30 percent of adults over 65 years fall at least once a year. The CEO and co-founder of Kinesis Health Technologies, Seamus Small, said: “This funding will enable us to expand our engineering and commerical teams and grow sales of our intelligent health diagnostic devices which are addressing a major problem in the global health industry, in the area of mobility and falls risk assessment and gait assessment in older adults. The funding will also enable us to develop and to enhance our technologies further”

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