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Role of optometrists


Fiona Kavanagh, FAOI, President, Association of Optometrists, Ireland

We refer to the article by IMN (26/4/11) entitled “Retinopathy screening ‘not thought out’”. The Association of Optometrists Ireland is very disappointed with the article and finds some of the comments both misleading and factually incorrect. Mr Kilmartin is incorrect in saying that retinal screening in the UK “is conducted by ophthalmologists”.


Our current health system is an unjust ‘economic apartheid’


Dr Ray O’Connor,

I read with interest Dr Brendan O’Shea’s original letter to our new Health Minister James Reilly with interest. I read his clarification published last week with greater interest. Like Dr O’Shea I do not wish to cause any offence to our specialist colleagues. The current healthcare system is deeply flawed and dysfunctional. It is a system that all of us in the medical profession have a responsibility for allowing to develop.


A one-sided war


Dr Seán Ó Domhnaill,
St Loman’s Hospital,
Mullingar, Co Westmeath

I recently read an article entitled “I saw a hospital consultant mug an old lady – and he keeps doing it”. No, it wasn’t a humorous or satirical piece. This was apparently “factual” writing, based upon the personal experience of the writer, Helen Rogers (Irish Daily Mail 25.04.11). Let me say in no uncertain terms that this piece of writing sickened me, albeit that I was actually ill with gastroenteritis at the time and was trying to write a set of guidelines for the Irish College of Psychiatry at the time.


Big Brother tactics


Dr John Kehoe,
Blessington Road,
Naas, Co Kildare

With dollops of political correctness, lashings and lashings of Big Brother, and generous side-servings of red herrings, we are about to embark upon a gravy-train of mandatory competence assurance. We are being told that, despite the fact that most of us are already doing it in forms tailored to our own particular circumstances and needs, it is about to be improved by a statutory one-size-fits-all approach within specialties.


Clarification on ‘A letter to Dr Reilly’


Dr Brendan O’Shea,
Co Kildare

In my column of 28.2.11, primarily addressed to the new Minister for Health, I made reference to three pressing issues which I believe require to be successfully addressed as a priority in reform of the health service. The third of these included the matter of specialist terms and conditions as they are presently established, both in the public and private health sector. It is evident from comments received that some specialist colleagues have found my observations offensive, and have understood some of them to have cast an aspersion on the character of specialists. It is important therefore to clarify some of the points made in my column of 28.2.11.

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