I Am A Medical Professional ?


Medical lexicon in a post-Brexit world

There can be little dispute that English is currently the world’s leading scientific and medical language. Such linguistic dominance is not without challenge, of course, but until recent events its privileged status has not been seriously jeopardised. Interestingly,…

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Doctors for regulatory reform conference reminder

All registered medical doctors in Ireland are invited to a conference on regulatory reform taking place in Dublin at 1.30pm on October 6th. Please email drdavidwalsh@medicaladvocates.ie to register your interest. Also see the attached video and meeting agenda below:…

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Cancer patients and Osteoporosis

Cancer therapy associated bone loss in the majority of cases is preventable and an aggressive approach to preserve bone health should be mandatory. Every cancer patient should be treated preventively for bone loss, prior to the occurrence of severe osteoporosis. The…

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Can you blame consultants for believing they are God?

Dr Jack Gerbodach If I hear that joke again about what the difference is between God and a consultant, I’ll scream.  Yes, yes, God doesn’t think he’s a consultant. But can you blame consultants for thinking they are God? They work superhuman workloads. Many…

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The Miracle Walks of Ali and Alex

Deep and lasting change is a heroic journey. Sometimes in our efforts to complete a particular journey in our life, we bite off more than we can chew and end up disappointed when we fail. Sometimes though, we find the hero inside ourselves and that is witnessed in the…

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