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IMO using FoI for HSE information

The IMO has requested the Government documentation on which the HSE based its decision to withdraw part of the 7.3 per cent salary increase due to medical consultants remaining on Con­sultant Contract 1997 under the Freedom of Information Acts, IMN has learned.


Irish healthcare funding model remains ‘unfinished business’

Ireland’s healthcare funding and access models have once again come under the spotlight.


Doctors express lack of confidence in PCRS

ALimerick GP has said the large number of over-70s patients being struck off medical cards lists because they have passed away, even though they are still alive, amounts to a “serious systems failure” by the HSE’s Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS).


‘Irish health service should follow European guidelines for new treatments’ – IMO

The IMO has called on the HSE and the Department of Health to pay more regard to international and European standards of practice and guidelines rather than follow the agenda of the National Institute of Clinical Ex­cellence (NICE) in the UK.


Eight consultant posts reinstated

The HSE has reportedly reversed its decision to withdraw employment offers to eight medical consultants because of the moratorium on recruitment.

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