I Am A Medical Professional ?



Julian Rios Cantu (18) has designed a bra with breast cancer detecting capabilities. The invention has garnered the young engineering student global attention, as well as the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

Inspired after seeing his own mother battle against breast cancer on multiple occasions before ultimately having both breasts removed, Mr. Cantu set about creating the EVA bra.

The bra is compiled of two hundred biosensors used to record how the surface of the breast looks and feels, the idea being that  over time, it is alerted to any alterations in shape, temperature or weight.

The ‘auto-exploration bra,’ will be particularly useful for women who have a known genetic predisposition towards breast cancer. Not only would it prove significantly more accurate than the self-evaluation approach, it would be quicker, easier, cheaper and less invasive than mammograms.

Higia Technologies, a Mexican biosensors company, is named after Hygieia, who is the goddess of health, prevention, and hygiene. According to Julian, the CEO of the company he formed with his three friends, the data then feeds back to the computer and monitors the changes for potential increased blood flow.

The bra functions by detecting a rise in temperature. “As soon as there is a malformation in the breast or a tumour, there is an over-vascularisation,” he told El Universal.

The bra works because it makes sure the breasts are in the same place and only needs to be worn for an hour each week.

Julian intends to use the $20,000 awarded to him by the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards for the further develop his invention.

Breast cancer is a main cause of death for women in Mexico and, according to Breast Cancer Ireland; it affects one in nine Irish women, with 2,800 new cases diagnosed and 689 deaths annually.