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Lack of clarity on violence management across European mental health services

One-in-five mental health professionals do not receive training in violence and aggression management according to a new European study led by the RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland), which reveals an alarming lack of training and clarity on matters of procedure and policy in the management of violence in European mental health services and highlights the need for European Union (EU) directives on risk management of workplace violence in mental health which will unify and enforce best practice to governments, employers and professional bodies in each EU state. The study surveyed 2,800 healthcare professionals, including psychiatrists, nurses, outpatients and forensic staff, from 17 countries across Europe, including Ireland, and has been published in the journal, BMC Health Services Research.   Nineteen and a half per cent of the study’s respondents reported that they had not received any violence and aggression management training, 30 per cent of mental health professionals received training in the past year, while just nine per cent reported that it has been more than five years since they last received any relevant training.

Minister speaks on Children’s Ombudsman’s report on Scoliosis

The Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD last week welcomed the publication of the Children’s Ombudsman’s Report on scoliosis which highlights the need for significant improvements to be achieved in terms of waiting times for scoliosis procedures for children and teenagers in Ireland and said he would be meeting with Scoliosis Advocacy Groups in the coming weeks to update them on progress. ”This absolutely is a priority for me, for the Government and for the HSE this year. I welcome the fact that the HSE has committed that no child will wait longer than 4 months for such a procedure by the end of the year. This would bring Ireland in line with waiting times in the NHS in the UK. A range of measures will be used to get to this target including additional theatre capacity in Crumlin from April,” he said.

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