Permanent Full-time Regional Services Manager, South Tipperary

Brothers of Charity Services Ireland
Employment Type
€70,373 - €84,877 per annum
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Qualifications and Particulars of Employment


1. This is a permanent full time post. Compulsory retirement age is 70 years.

2. Qualifications and Experience

Each candidate for the appointment must possess:

a. Relevant qualification of the role e.g. nursing, social care, psychology or relevant qualification in the field of intellectual disability

b. Five years relevant management experience at a senior level

c. Experience through their work of enabling empowering and inspiring individuals to live independent and meaning lives and to be at the centre of all decisions relating to their life.

d. Excellent leadership, communication and organisational skills together with up-to-date knowledge of current thinking and practice in services for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

e. The requisite knowledge, ability (including a high standard of suitability and of administrative capacity) and experience of the proper discharge of the duties of the appointment

3. Health

Each candidate for and any person holding the appointment must be free from any defect or disease, which would render him/her unsuitable to hold the appointment, and must be in a state of health as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. To satisfy this qualification, the successful candidate will be required to undergo a medical examination by the Occupational Health Physician.

4. Remuneration (full time): (Grade VIII) Salary Scale: (pro rata)

€70,373, €71,005, €73,782, €76,570, €79.337, €82,116, €84,877

5. Annual leave entitlement will be 30 days per annum with an additional 6 days per annum, time in lieu for off duty call outs. The on-call arrangements may change in the future.

6. The normal working week will be on a five day, thirty nine hour week basis. Starting and finishing times will be notified to the appointee from time to time by the Director of Services. The Brothers of Charity Services model of service is based on Personal Outcome Measures requiring employees’ to be flexible in their working hours to provide a quality service delivery for each individual.

7. Duties

The general duties of the appointment are as described in the attached Job Description.

8. The person appointed will be required to provide their own transport during the duration of the employment and will be paid travel expenses at the appropriate rates in respect of travel necessarily performed in the discharge of his/her duties. The base for this purpose will be the location to which the appointee is assigned.

9. The person appointed will be required to reside within a reasonable distance of the location to which they are assigned.

10. Note re Canvassing

Any attempt by candidates themselves or by any person(s) acting at their instigation directly or indirectly, by means or written communication or otherwise to canvass or otherwise influence in the candidate’s favour any member of the staff of Belmont Park or person nominated to interview or examine applicants, will automatically disqualify the candidates for the position they are seeking.

Enquiries for the above posts to Julia Kelly, Director of Services on or by email to

Please visit our website to apply for this post on –

Closing Date for receipt of completed Applications Forms/CV’s on-line is 24th July 2022

Shortlisting of candidates is on the basis of the information contained in their application form & CV


Job Description

Title: Permanent Full Time Regional Services Manager South Tipperary Services

Reports to: Director of Services

Accountable to: Director of Services


The Congregation of the Brothers of Charity is a religious voluntary organisation, founded in 1807, to provide a Christian response to a variety of needs of society. In their services to people with intellectual disabilities, the Brothers of Charity Services seek to provide a Christian environment in which the dignity of each human being is recognised and respected.

We are committed to working with people who use our services to claim their rightful place in society as valued and included citizens and to offer a responsive service that facilitates each person’s choice and growth.


The primary role of the job is to lead, manage and develop the services in South Tipperary in a manner which accords with the ethos, objectives and policies of the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland South East Region.

The person appointed will be required to have a clear understanding and commitment to the role of Regional Services Manager and in that regard to provide active leadership through which the mission of the Brothers of Charity can be supported and further developed in his/her area of responsibility. The role requires strong leadership together with a commitment to enabling, empowering and inspiring people to live fully inclusive lives, ensuring that appropriate high quality individualised person centred supports are in place for individuals supported by the Services

Subject to the agreed policies and procedures of the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland South East Region, the person appointed shall: –

Advocacy and Rights

1. uphold and respect the human, legal and constitutional rights of individuals supported by the services recognising their individuality and equality, and supporting them in their growth.

2. ensure that individuals supported by the Services are facilitated and encouraged to achieve the highest possible degree of personal autonomy and to develop the skills to enable them to make choices

3. have an understanding of citizenship and what is required to support individuals supported by the Services become and be respected as active equal citizens.

4. ensure that individuals supported by the Services are facilitated to actively participate in and integrate into the community, through the use of generic community facilities;

5. ensure that the advocacy needs of individuals supported by the Services are actively addressed and that they are afforded opportunities for involvement in advocacy;

Management & Leadership

6. be responsible for the management and administration of all direct services in South Tipperary Services;

7. develop a strategic approach to the development of service and supports in the region being mindful of new and developing models of service/supports;

8. in accordance with Health Act 2007 and HIQA Regulations and Standards, ensure the legislation requirements are adhered to by continuous monitoring, inspection and audit of the designated centres.

9. ensure the necessary requirements of the registration process are in place to achieve the Certificate of Registration for the designated centres in the South Tipperary Services;

10. ensure that the reputation of the Services is protected and developed by ensuring that all operational, financial and regulatory standards are met in your area of responsibility;

11. negotiate essential support services with Heads of Discipline and monitor the effectiveness of the resulting services through frequent and intensive interaction with them and their teams;

12. create effective partnerships with statutory and non-statutory agencies in the region;

13. take a leading role in planning and service development utilizing the goals identified through the team based performance management process;

14. represent the Services at local consultative committee level;

15. interact with HSE personnel at operational level as required ;

16. in consultation with the Human Resources Manager and relevant Services Managers and Heads of Department manage the human resources of the regions’ services (staff recruitment & selection, performance, training and development and industrial relations);

17. ensure that the various policies, guidelines, procedures, and documentation which the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland have in place or may introduce are current and available in each work location for which responsible and that staff are familiar with and adhere to such policies, guidelines and procedures;

18. prepare various reports, e.g. annual reports, as requested by the Director of Services;

19. be responsible for ensuring that required records e.g. database, are kept up to date;

20. be available for on call situations that may arise from time to time. These times may be outside “normal” operational times;

21. provide strong leadership to direct supports and instil a “can do culture of management responsibility.

Person Centred Support for Living & Work:

22. ensure that individuals supported by the Services are supported and facilitated in the development and implementation of person centred plans and that these plans are regularly reviewed and that the needs identified are appropriately addressed;

23. ensure that individuals receive high quality, personalised supports according to his/her needs and wishes;

24. ensure that individuals supported by the Services are supported to make choices about how they spend their time (socially, educationally and vocationally) by facilitating opportunities to try new experiences;

25. ensure that the pastoral needs of individuals supported by the Services are met;

26. ensure that where appropriate person centred behaviour support plans are devised and implemented for individuals supported by the Services;

27. ensure that individuals supported by the Services are supported in achieving the greatest possible autonomy in the proper management of their private monies, including the provision of ongoing training, information and advice;

28. ensure that individuals supported by the Services are supported to develop and co-ordinate integrated social, recreational and occupational programmes to promote the personal growth of each person who uses services assisting in his/her integration as an active participant in the local community;

Money and Budgets

29. in consultation with the Services Managers, Heads of Departments and Head of Finance prepare and manage the annual budget for South Tipperary Services and report on performance in relation to targets set as a result of such projections at specific intervals;

30. in consultation with the Senior Management Team develop and prepare a capital budget for the Region;

31. ensure that the policies and procedures in relation to the safeguarding of the personal assets of individuals supported by the Services and the assets of the Services are adhered to;


32. ensure that good, clear and respectful communications and relationships are developed and maintained with;

a. all individuals supported by the Services

b. all staff members,

c. families, visitors, and other health care professionals,

d. local services for individuals with intellectual disabilities in the region,

e. all services provided by the Brothers of Charity Services,

f. statutory and voluntary groups in the area;

33. initiate and develop contacts with the local community appropriate to promoting the aims of the Services;

34. hold regular meetings with the South Tipperary Services Senior Management Team ensuring all aspects of the services provided in the Region are discussed with a view to maintaining high standards, open communication among staff and good levels of staff morale.

Training and Development

35. take responsibility for identifying your own training and development needs and communicating them to Director of Services and the TDQA manager;

36. liaise with the TDEA manager in relation to the training needs of staff in the region;

37. keep abreast of current developments in services for persons with intellectual disabilities e.g. Personal Outcome Measures, Person Centred Planning, etc;

38. attend and contribute appropriately at lectures, courses and meetings as requested and share information and knowledge gained with colleagues;

39. attend mandatory training courses and achieve required standard;

Health & Safety

40. ensure that Services Managers/Heads of Departments are aware of and adhere to required health and safety legislation and policies

41. be conscious of Health and Safety matters in the workplace and, in particular, complying with employee obligations as set out under Section 9 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989;

42. take appropriate action in relation to incident reports which are reported to you;

43. ensure that risk management procedures are followed and that risk is identified and escalated appropriately.


Employees are expected to have a high level of flexibility and a willingness and ability to develop new approaches to their work. Duties and responsibilities of any post in the Services are likely to change with the ongoing needs and developments of the Services and the changing hopes and expectations of individuals supported by the Services. Employees will therefore be required to carry out such other duties appropriate to their employment as may be assigned to him/her from time to time.


In the course of the employment the appointee may have access to, or hear information concerning the medical or personal affairs of individuals supported/family, staff members, or other health service business. Such records and information are strictly confidential and, unless acting on the instructions of an authorised officer, on no account must information concerning individuals supported, staff, or other health service business be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty. In addition records must never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer required.