Permanent Full Time Staff Nurse, 75 hours per fortnight, Ashcourt, Dun Aobhinn Services

Brothers of Charity Services Ireland
Employment Type
€31,109 - €47,931 per annum
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Qualifications and Particulars of Employment

Permanent Full Time Staff Nurse/Enhanced Nurse, Dun Aobhinn Services

1. Tenure of Employment

This post is a permanent full time working 75 hours per fortnight. Compulsory Retirement age is 70 years.

2. Qualifications and Experience

The successful candidate must:

⦁ Have two years post registration experience is desirable.

⦁ Have a recognised qualification in nursing (RNID desirable) and be currently registered in an appropriate division of the Register of An Bord Altranais (N.M.B.I.)

⦁ Have excellent leadership, communication and organisational skills

⦁ Have the ability to listen and respond to the needs of people who use services

⦁ Have the ability to be innovative and creative and work on one’s own initiative

⦁ Have an up to date knowledge of current thinking and practice in services for people with intellectual disabilities

⦁ Be computer literate.

⦁ Possess a full clean driving licence.

⦁ Recognise the equal rights of persons with intellectual disabilities in society and uphold and respect those rights.

Experience of working as a member of a team is essential.

3. Remuneration
Salary Scale: (pro rata)

Staff Nurse

€31,109, €32,949, €33,888, €35,130, €36,696, €38,260, €39,817, €41,163, €42,513, €43,856 €45,201, €46,521, €46,521, €46,521, €47,931

Enhanced Nurse

€37,661, €40,002, €41,251, €42,213, €43,272, €44,681, €46,054, €48,076, €48,076, €48,076, €49,487

* Successful candidates are required to submit all documentary evidence outlining any relevant experience within 3 months of starting date. Failure to do so will mean that only incremental credit due now will only be paid from date of submission of documents.

All new entrants to the Public Service will start at the first point of this scale.

4. The normal working fortnight will be 75 hours covering nights, however, flexible hours, including weekends, evenings, and sleepovers may be required. Starting and finishing times will be notified to, and agreed with, the appointee from time to time by the Services Manager/Team Leader. The Brothers of Charity Services model of service is based on Personal Outcome Measures requiring employees’ to be flexible in their working hours to provide a quality service delivery for each individual

5. Health

The successful candidate must be free from any condition, which would render him/her unsuitable to hold the appointment, and must be in a state of health as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. To satisfy this qualification, the successful candidate will be required to undergo a medical examination by the Occupational Health Nurse/Physician.

6. Duties

The general duties of the appointment are as described in the attached Job Description.

7. A short list of candidates to attend before the Selection Board will be prepared by the selection Board from an examination of statements of qualifications furnished by the candidates.

8. The Team Leader/Services Manager will notify the successful candidate of the mandatory/compulsory courses/training which employees are obliged to attend. Mandatory training, for example, manual handling, health and safety courses etc., form part of the conditions of employment along with the Organisation’s statutory obligation.

9. Note re Canvassing

Any attempt by candidates themselves or by any person(s) acting at their instigation directly or indirectly, by means of written communication or otherwise to canvass or otherwise influence in the candidate’s favour any member of the staff of Brothers of Charity Services South East or person nominated to interview or examine applicants, will automatically disqualify the candidates for the position they are seeking.

*A panel may be formed for Permanen/Temporary Full Time and Part Time vacancies for the South Tipperary Services for a period of 6 months.

Informal Enquiries welcome to Nellie Culle, Team Leader, Ashcourt on or by email to

Closing Date for receipt of completed Applications Forms/CV’s on-line is: 22nd July 2022

Shortlisting of candidates is on the basis of the information contained in their application form & CV



TITLE: Permanent Full Time Staff Nurse/Enhanced Nurse

Reports to: Services Manager/Team Leader or such other authorised person as the Employing Authority may designate.

Accountable to: Dun Aobhinn Services Manager

The Congregation of the Brothers of Charity is a religious voluntary organisation, founded in 1807 by Canon Peter Triest, to provide a Christian response to a variety of needs in society.


The core values of our services have always been the dignity and humanity of each person. How these are expressed has evolved over time with our greater understanding of the rights of all people with a disability, with the changing hopes and expectations of the individuals and families with whom we work, and with the growing expertise of all associated with our services.


The post holder will be required to take an active part in ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the Service reflect the ethos and vision of the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – South East Region and that all co-workers are meeting the needs of the people who use services therein.

The person appointed will be a member of the team in Dun Aobhinn Services who will work intensively with individuals to discover what will constitute a good life for the individual and to establish what supports the individual will need to achieve their goals. In order to do this there is a requirement that the post holder will work in partnership with the individual’s family and other important people in the individual’s life. A high degree of flexibility is required as the timing and location of the supports provided will be dictated by the individual’s plan.

The person appointed should have the ability to participate proactively as a member of a team and contribute positively to the ongoing development of effective teamwork.

Subject to the agreed policies and procedures of the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – South East Region, the person appointed shall: –

Advocacy & Rights

1 Respect each individual supported by the services as an equal citizen.

2 Uphold and respect the human, legal and constitutional rights of individuals recognising their individuality and equality, and empowering them to grow, thereby achieving the highest possible level of personal autonomy.

3 Facilitate, encourage and develop the choice and decision making skills of individuals supported by the services.

4 Facilitate, encourage and develop the self-advocacy skills of and opportunities for involvement in advocacy for individuals.

Person Centred Support for Living and Work

5 Ensure a person centred approach to service delivery

6 In the context of the individual person centred plans support individuals supported by the services with aspects of individual and group service responses including:

§ Occupation and leisure activities

§ Communication

§ Behaviour support plans

§ Independent living skills

§ Social Integration and the use of community facilities

§ Personal Care

§ Personal Development

7 Act as a “Key Worker” for specific individuals.

8 In consultation with the individual take the lead in developing and implementing person centred plans for those individuals for whom you act as key worker and ensure that the needs identified are appropriately addressed

9 Develop and implement appropriate training, leisure, social, and personal activities for individuals within the service area.

10 Facilitate individuals to actively participate and integrate into the community, through the use of generic community facilities.

11 Ensure that all behaviour support plans that are put in place by the Multidisciplinary Team are carried out and adhered to and reviewed as necessary.

12 Foster, encourage and develop the self-help and social skills of individuals to achieve the highest possible degree of personal autonomy.

13 Ensure that individuals have an awareness of required personal hygiene and personal appearance standards and support them in attaining such standards. This may include the participation in and support of individualised personal hygiene programmes.

14 Facilitate and encourage participation of individuals supported by the services in recreational and leisure activities.

15 Contribute to and participate in social and recreational activities of individuals supported by the services and liaise as appropriate with the Social & Recreational Department.

16 Achieve competency in driving the assigned transport and participate in transport duties as required.

17 Ensure that all prescribed medications are administered and that the required records are maintained in keeping with Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – South East Region policy.

18 Encourage and promote each person’s full participation in their home while at the same time ensuring that their home and its environs are maintained to acceptable standards

19 Encourage and promote the involvement of each individual supported by the services in the prudent management of his/her personal monies

20 Organise and participate in holidays for individuals where required.

21 Assist the Team Leader and Services Manager in ensuring that practices within the house are person centred and are in line with value based practices.

22 Ensure that the personal clothing of individuals is looked after and cared for and that the household and bed linen is changed and laundered regularly.

23 Ensure that each individual supported by the services attend at the appropriate day centre

24 Ensure that the religious and pastoral needs of individuals are adequately supported.

Management and Leadership:

25 In accordance with Health Act 2007 and HIQA Regulations and Standards, ensure the legislation requirements are adhered to by continuous monitoring, inspection and audit of the designated centres.

26 As a member of the HIQA Services Team ensure the necessary requirements of the registration process are in place to achieve the Certificate of Registration for the designated centres;

27 Be proactive in identifying and responding to medical/ nursing needs of individuals

28 Act as a role model in a professional manner at all times.

29 Be accountable and ensure effective communication is maintained with Team Leader.

30 Be responsible for the physical and emotional well being of individuals supported by the services.

31 Be familiar with and ensure that policies, procedures and codes of practice of the Services are adhered to.

32 Ensure that all records in relation to individuals supported by the services are up to date, correctly filed and managed as per the Service’s records management system.

33 Where required monitor and manage the attendance of students assigned to the house and report any concerns as necessary to the Services Manager/ Team Leader

34 Report all accident/incidents and take appropriate action.

35 Utilise efficiently the transport services available to the service area and advise the appropriate staff on transport needs.

Money and Budgets

36 Ensure that all petty cash and the personal monies of individuals supported by the services are properly accounted for.

37 Be responsible for maintaining a petty cash float, keeping relevant records and ensuring that accounts are checked and balanced.

38 Ensure that goods and services received are prudently used for purposes intended, and that all such goods and services are properly accounted for.

39 Assist the Team Leader in the preparation and monitoring of budgets.

40 Be responsible for the house accounts, which include custody of monies, managing income and expenditure, petty cash and individual’s personal monies. These accounts are to balanced and checked at the end of each shifts. At the end of each month these records having been double checked and correct are submitted to the services office for processing.


41 Attend and participate fully in regular staff meetings where all aspects of the service area are discussed with a view to maintaining high standards.

42 Promote open communication among staff and good levels of staff morale.

43 Co-operate and develop effective working relationships with:

⦁ People who are supported by the services and their families

⦁ All other staff involved in the provision of both residential and day services

⦁ Families, visitors, volunteers and other such personnel who visit

44 Operate effectively as a member of the multi-disciplinary team in promoting the best interests of the individuals in the service area.

45 Encourage the families of individuals supported by the services to develop their involvement in the ongoing development of the person.

46 Report all matters of concern immediately to the Team Leader/Services Manager.

47 Organise, attend and participate fully in meetings as required e.g. Person Centred Planning meetings, Service Area reviews, team meetings. Record meetings in line with agreed procedures.

48 Actively participate in developing and maintaining good relationships with local residents and community organisations.

49 Participate fully with the implementation of a team based performance management approach to achieving the goals of the Services’ strategic plan.

Training and Development

50 Be informed of current developments in services for people with intellectual disabilities e.g. Person Centred Planning, Personal Outcome Measures, Human Rights and Citizenship, management of challenging behaviour, growth model.

51 Attend and contribute appropriately at lectures, courses and meetings as required and share information and knowledge gained with colleagues.

52 Be responsible for identifying personal training and development needs and communicating them to the Team Leader/Services Manager.

53 Attend mandatory training courses and achieve required standard.

54 Undertake a Preceptorship role by facilitating and evaluating student learning, including taking responsibility for transmitting knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Health and Safety

55 Be conscious of health and safety matters in the work place and in particular to comply with employees’ obligations as set out in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 and to ensure that the procedures set out in the Safety Statement are implemented at all times.

56 Carry out regular safety audits and fire drills.

57 Be conversant with existing fire regulations and emergency procedures and participate in the implementation of same. Make people who use services aware, in so far as possible, of Fire Drill procedures.

58 Be responsible for the safe use and care of equipment and report faulty equipment etc., as it arises

59 Report accidents/irregularities or other matters of safety concern to the Team Leader or in her/his absence to the Services Manager or such person as the Employing Authority may designate.

60 Identify risk, assess and document appropriately.


Employees are expected to have a high level of flexibility and a willingness and ability to develop new approaches to their work. Duties and responsibilities of any post in the Services are likely to change with the ongoing needs and developments of the Services. Employees will therefore be required to carry out such other duties appropriate to their employment as may be assigned to him/her from time to time.


In the course of the employment the post holder may have access to, or hear information concerning the medical or personal affairs of people who use services and/or staff, or other health service business. Such records and information are strictly confidential and unless acting on the instructions of an authorised officer, on no account must information concerning people who use services, staff, or other health service business be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty. In addition records must never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer required.

Appendix 1: Enhanced Nurse Additional Roles and Responsibilities

Enhanced Nurse. The following outline the additional roles and responsibilities incumbent on you in your new role as an Enhanced Nurse and are in addition to the duties that are outlined in your job description for your current nursing role.

1. To practice Nursing according to the Code of Professional Conduct issued by the Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann (Nursing Midwifery Board Ireland) and Professional Clinical Guidelines;

2. To work within your scope of practice and take measures to maintain and enhance the competence necessary for professional practice;

3. Complying with and adhere to all relevant policies and procedures;

4. Promoting the safety, health, welfare and social wellbeing of persons supported and respect the dignity and confidentiality of persons supported and their families;

5. Promoting persons supported advocacy and maintain persons supported privacy and dignity;

6. Performing the full range of clinical duties appropriate to your area of practice and as determined by your line manager to ensure a comprehensive nursing service is delivered to the persons supported you work with;

7. Maintaining appropriate and accurate written/electronic nursing records, person centred plans and care plans regarding person supported support in accordance with local / national / professional guidelines

8. Utilising appropriate evidence-based and recognised screening tools, risk prediction models, assessment and enhanced skills to support person supported in their home (e.g. Early Warning Scores, Falls Assessment);

9. Supporting and cooperating with the sharing of tasks as per national agreements;

10. Engaging in continuous skill acquisition and be supported as appropriate in doing so to ensure the ongoing development of the enhanced role

11. Taking responsibility for own competency and learning and development needs and actively contribute to the learning and development of the wider nursing, multi-disciplinary and primary care team

12. Completing all mandatory training as deemed necessary by the Director of Nursing, the employer and Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann (Nursing Midwifery Board Ireland);

13. Supporting the training and education of nursing students and participating in the clinical/ workplace induction of new nursing and clinical support staff (e.g. Care Assistants and other relevant grades in the ID Sector).

14. Contributing to the identification of training needs pertinent to the clinical area;

15. Developing clinical teaching skills and participating in the planning and implementation of orientation, training and teaching programmes for nursing students and other healthcare staff allocated to the service e.g. Preceptorship, mentoring and coaching.

16. Co-operating with and implement, where appropriate, strategies developed to move work to the community, including decongregation of settings;

17. Co-operate with changes arising from implementation of the recommendations of the review of nursing and non-nursing in all areas including areas and changes arising from the implementation of national policies and legislation.

18. Participating in clinical governance structures within the local / regional / national clinical governance framework;

19. Reporting complaints/ incidents and assist with the investigation of same as appropriate;

20. Facilitating and supervise the delegation of appropriate tasks to other clinical support grades as part of the nursing team;

21. Co-operating with the implementation of the agreed new structures developed to support Integrated Care Organisations and Government policy in the sector.

22. Supporting the implementation of all recommendations from the HCA review including development of appropriate policies and guidelines to promote and sustain delegation;

23. Co-operating with the introduction of ICT systems including those to support the Safe Nurse Staffing Framework, or any agreed alternative as may apply in the ID sector, and input, utilise and analyse the data;

24. Collecting and input data on nursing metrics or other metrics relevant to persons supported;

25. Ensuring that records are protected and managed as per HSE / local policy and in accordance with relevant legislation;

26. Working closely with colleagues across health services in order to provide a seamless service delivery to the persons supported as part of integration;

27. Participating in and contributing to and providing data as required to any verification process at local, regional or national level for the purposes of documenting and assuring delivery of the range of duties specified in this Contract;

28. Undertake any other duties in accordance with your scope of practice as may be assigned by the Assistant Director of Nursing, Clinical Nurse Manager II or Employer.