RQ541 Clinical nurse manager 3 nursing administration

Peamount Healthcare
Employment Type
€59,170 - €66,822 per annum
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Details of Service

Peamount Healthcare is an independent voluntary organisation that provides a range of high-quality health and social care services. We help people return home after a serious illness, we provide safe and homely residential care for those who need it, and we support people to live as independently as possible in the community.


Peamount Healthcare is committed to the following values:

§ Person centred – seeing each person as unique, giving them a voice and focusing on ability.

§ Respect – creating a supportive environment where everyone is given courteous and respectful care and support.

§ Excellence – enabling interdisciplinary teams to deliver high quality integrated care, meaningful outcomes with a focus on continuous improvement.

§ Team working – fostering an inclusive, healthy working environment where people are valued and recognised for their individual and shared achievements.

§ Quality improvement – supporting teams to embed continuous improvement methodology as part of everything we do.

§ Education & Research – partnering with academia to support education, learning, research and evidence-based care.


Reporting Relationship

 Professionally accountable to the Director of Nursing.


Purpose of the Post


The post holder is primarily responsible for the provision of a high quality and safe nursing service within Nursing Administration This post holder leads and has operational responsibility for supporting the role out of IT based projects to support nursing services, including time and attendance rostering systems, EPR, etc. This will involve professional leadership to nursing staff at all levels, providing professional advice, contributing to the development and implementation of Nursing policy and strategy, ensuring achievement of its objectives and proactively developing nursing roles in accordance with the needs of the patients. She/He will operationalise the core values of Nursing by ensuring the patient experience in wards/departments/units is of the highest possible standard at all times with particular emphasis on dignity, kindness, and compassion. She/he will take a lead role in Nursing Projects. Developing the Nursing Services strategic direction, ensuring that the service contributes significantly to the achievement of corporate objectives and that effective governance arrangements are implemented and maintained. 

Key areas for development:

  • Informatics to support the nursing service
  • Roster management systems to ensure the right skill mix to meet service need and budgetary requirements
  • Human resource systems as they apply to nursing
  • Clinical Governance, Quality Assurance, Risk, Health & Safety


Principal Duties and Responsibilities


Professional Leadership


  • Provides professional leadership to all nursing staff fostering a culture which values continuing professional development and strives for excellence in the delivery of patient care and quality improvement in line with the National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare 2012.


  • Ensures a culture of nursing leadership, development, innovation and living the values is embedded and promoted in Peamount Healthcare acting as a professional role model for all nurses at all times. Collaborates and works with ADON colleagues in leading on the development and implementation of nursing aspects of Peamount Healthcare strategy, with particular reference to current National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare 2012.
  • Provides advice as required on nursing and patient experience issues, in accordance with local and national policy
  • Works collaboratively with other professional leads in developing a culture which embeds clinical quality and patient safety, and monitors its effectiveness to ensure continuous improvement
  • Builds an environment of excellence and innovation that empowers nurses to be active participants in the multidisciplinary team.
  • Responds to the direction/lead of the Director of Nursing & Social Care and works in collaboration with him/her on all professional nursing issues across the hospital as required.
  • Will have a pivotal role in service planning, co-ordinating and managing activity and resources within Nursing Administration:
  • Roster management expertise
  • Use of Informatics
  • Lead education and training needs related to digital health and informatics across the Peamount Healthcare service 
  • Formulate, implement, and evaluate Business plans and budgets in co-operation with the wider healthcare team.
  • Identify IT developments as they apply to service user and service administration.
  • Work with the  IT team ensuring that the overall IT plans for Peamount Healthcare are in line with the strategy.
  • Reporting and following up to ensure that data capture and data quality meet the required standards in terms of accuracy, timeliness, and completeness.

Business Management/including roster management


  • Participates in the effective management of the service ensuring that the best use of available resources across the campus is effectively utilised.
  • Ensuring that all unplanned leave, additional hours, overtime etc. is entered on the rostering system in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring that the National Framework for Agency utilisation is utilised and kept at a minimum.
  • Continuously monitoring Nursing rosters and skill mix to ensure efficiencies and effectiveness of the nursing service.
  • Liaising closely with the ADON’s regarding roster management.
  • Participates in the overall financial planning of the service including the assessment of priorities in pay and non-pay expenditure.
  • Embraces the developments of the campus in line with the strategic objectives of the organisation



  • Collaborates and works with ADON colleagues on the review of workforce plans for Nursing and on quarterly Nursing staffing level review.
  • In collaboration with senior nursing team colleagues, manages nursing recruitment, retention, absenteeism & professional development to ensure efficient and effective delivery of patient care
  • Supporting Nursing managers with evidence based Human Resource practice.
  • Takes responsibility for issues outside immediate sphere of responsibility as required



  • Acts as a liaison between information systems, staff and clinical end users.
  • Collaborate and work with clinical, nursing informatics and IT members in evaluating the effectiveness of technologies and workflows that impact clinical users.
  • Incorporates nursing research and evidence-based nursing knowledge into nursing informatics practice.
  • Supports and assists the senior nurse management team with communication in the area of strategic system planning and implementation of computational clinical nursing systems. 
  • Participates as a project leader and management support, focusing on informatics initiatives supporting nursing and/or clinical care services under the direction of the DON.
  • Collaborates with leadership in project/programme planning and development that supports department and organisational initiatives.
  • Combines knowledge of patient care, informatics concepts and change management to effectively address the information and knowledge needs of patients.
  • Promotes safe, effective and efficient use of digital health structures 
  • Monitors the environment, technology and infrastructure to support the prevention of clinical errors and adverse events.
  • Continuously collects, analyses and reports data in collaboration with quality on patient safety issues and outcomes to the DON.
  • Provides clinical nurses with information required at the point of care.
  • Promotes patient safety by developing systems that assist and further the science of nursing by making information on quality of nursing care available to the profession
  • Analyses any ethical issues pertaining to the proposed application of information technologies to nursing practice particularly those concerned with patient safety and privacy
  • Encourages surveillance and reporting of errors where digital health is a contributing factor
  • Acts as a change agent in the identification, development, planning, implementation and value measurement of informatics strategies to support and integrate quality patient care and professional practice
  • Provides critical analysis and evaluation of digital health and recommend revision of clinical systems, processes and workflow to ensure achievement of positive patient outcomes.

·        Reporting and following up to ensure that data capture and data quality meet the required standards in terms of accuracy, timeliness and completeness.

·        Provision of support and training documentation on an on-going basis.

  • Explores opportunities for the introduction of technological solutions to support nursing communication and practice.
  • Leads on the development of IT based solutions across the nursing service
  • Leads on the development of networks and relationships with academic partners, industry and integrated care services.
  • Promotes the development of Nursing services in line with established practice and emerging models of care
  • Builds relationships with staff, peers and colleagues to facilitate interdisciplinary programs aimed at improving patient outcomes such as the National Clinical Programmes and other healthcare external agencies
  • Understands patient demand and capacity across the service
  • Builds on the existing strengths of the nursing workforce to develop new patterns of working that are enabling improved patient care and better patient experiences
  • Provides support and advice to ensure that there is an appropriate and effective correlation between service and training needs
  • Works in partnership with ADON colleagues in agreeing key performance metrics (national and local KPI’s) and the implementation and monitoring of the metrics for the Nursing service.
  • Clinical Governance, Quality Assurance, Risk, Health & Safety

·        Ensure that effective safety PPPG’s are developed and managed to comply with statutory obligations.

·        Be aware of risk management issues, identify risks and take appropriate action.

·        Comply with the policies, procedures and safe professional practice of the Irish Healthcare System by adhering to relevant legislation, regulations and standards.

·        Assist in the development, implementation and review of Health and Safety statements, risk registers as appropriate.

·        Document appropriately and report any near misses, hazards and incidents and bring them to the attention of the relevant person(s).

·        Maintain a feedback mechanism and report to Director of Nursing and senior management when appropriate.

·        Work in a safe manner with due care and attention to the safety of self and others.

·        Ensure adherence to policies in relation to the care and safety of any equipment supplied for the fulfilment of duty. Ensure advice of relevant stakeholders is sought prior to procurement.

·  Have a working knowledge of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Standards as they apply to the role for example, Standards for Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards, Medication Management Standards etc and comply with associated HSE protocols for implementing and maintaining these standards as appropriate to the role.

·        Support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.



·        Employees must attend fire lectures periodically and must observe fire orders.

·        All accidents within the Department must be reported immediately.

·        Infection Control Policies must be adhered to.

·        In line with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 all staff must comply with all safety regulations and audits.

·        In line with the Public Health (Tobacco) (Amendment) Act 2004, smoking within the Hospital Buildings is not permitted.

·        Hospital uniform code must be adhered to.

·        Provide information that meets the need of Senior Management.

·        To support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.



Eligibility Criteria


Qualifications and/ or experience

Required :


  • Registered General Nurse with The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland
  • 7 years post-registration experience in the Acute hospital setting within the last 9 years
  • Minimum of 4 years management experience at CNM2 level within the last 7 years
  • Post Graduate qualification (level 8 or higher on the National Framework of Qualifications-NFQ) in the area of Healthcare or Management related area.


  • Master’s Degree (or higher) in the area of Healthcare or Management related area. The Master’s programme must be at Level 9 on the National Fram
    work of Qualifications (NFQ), or equivalent.
  • In-depth knowledge of best practices in healthcare information management.
  • Exceptional knowledge of health information system design and database management.



  • A Master’s degree in health informatics preferred or commitment to undertake same if successful  
  • Advanced proficiency in programming languages and EMR software, such as SQL and Epic.
  • Superb analytical, organizational, and time management skills.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.


Post Specific Requirements, additional qualifications and/or experience required


Competency Required

Level Required


The following “Descriptors” are a further clarification of the behaviours required. Candidates should use these descriptors as a “guide” when assessing their suitability for this role and also when preparing an example of where they have demonstrated this competency in the past for inclusion in the required Application Form.

People Management

·        Selects and develop staff according to the strategic demands of the Department and wider hospital

·        Prioritises a culture of personnel and professional development and is an open door in this regard. Champions the investment.

·        Designs structures and roles within the organisation where staff can develop, appropriately matching staff to these roles

·        Builds excellent relationships within and outside the organisation


·        Develops, communicates and implements the strategic vision

·        Know who the key influencers are and how to go about involving them to shape and deliver change across the wider health and social care system

·        Is able to challenge others in positions of power in pursuit of a specific goal and will always be able to back up their positions with a sound evidence base

·        Identifies how current service development fits into the bigger picture for service improvement


Quality service

·        Keeps abreast on national and international developments in health through active involvement at national and international networks

·        Establishes the highest standard of customer-service, a “high performance” culture

·        Liaises actively with Quality, Risk, Health and Safety Department and feeds back to them, taking advice and seeking support as appropriate

·        Translates legislation and related guidance into policy and practice within the hospital, that optimises Service and Patient outcomes

Problem Solving & Decision Making

·        Has the ability to analyse and evaluate a range of complex information, identify core issues and consider the impact of decisions before taking action

·        Takes a system-wide approach and sees connections, risks and the potential for innovation in the wider environment

·        Adopts a cost/benefit mind set, thinking strategically

·        Recognises and identifies patterns and trends when assessing data and situations relevant to their area of responsibility

Change & Innovation

·        Takes ownership to challenge current practice and identify areas of improvement

·        Is knowledgeable about change as a process. Defines and articulates a clear plan for change, which involves communication, systems, feedback loops, people management and review

·        Drives evaluation process which promote quality, evidence based plans

·        Develops mechanisms to sustain long term change as part of any change programme

Organisational Knowledge

·        Ensures the organisation is suitably designed in terms of Department structure and internal workings, to allow it to best deliver Quality Patient Care to the Highest Standards

·        Takes a global view, and understands and takes account of the interdependencies between Departments. Puts a key emphasis on building quality relationships.

·        Is attuned to organisational culture, key stake holders, and internal dynamics, and acts accordingly


Skills, competencies and/or knowledge

·         Advanced IT skills

·        Experience in personal & professional development of staff

·        Knowledge of risk management

·        Demonstrate evidence of implementing developments in line with the strategic objectives of the organisation/group.


Peamount Healthcare is an independent voluntary organisation that provides a range of high-quality health and social care services. We help people return home after a serious illness, we provide safe and homely residential care for those who need it, and we support people to live as independently as possible in the community.