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Ballincollig Community Nursing Unit is designed specifically for the needs of our elderly residents, 24 hours a day. We have a very caring team who work hard to make everyone feel happy, secure and at home.

Ballincollig Community Nursing Unit are currently inviting applications for the position of Senior CNM.

Position Overview:

The post of Senior CNM is a senior clinical position which reports to the Director of Nursing. The role will be responsible for a 25 bedded unit at Ballincollig providing clinical leadership, overseeing and managing the day to day clinical practices in the unit, appropriate staff rostering, delegation and supervision, performance and development, clinical governance and assessment of risks. The primary role of the Senior CNM is to provide leadership on the designated ward, to be visible and participate in the daily care and communication on the ward. The Postholder work collaboratively with the DON/ADON as part of the Ballincollig Community Nursing Unit’s management team, providing clear communication and direction to staff in their unit.

Reports To:                        Director of Nursing / Person in Charge   

Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinical Practice

To ensure the delivery of the highest standards of nursing and social care which meet the individual needs of each resident by:

    • Ensuring policies and expected clinical standards are read, understood, and practiced at all times. 
    • Conducting rounds (including those with the RMO) to meet and review each patient on a daily basis, ensuring that the best clinical outcomes are achieved and consulting with each patient regarding their care.
    • Ensuring that all nursing and care staff understand and can competently implement the individual plan of care for each patient.
    • Reviewing nursing documentation to ensure that it accurately reflects the care and treatment required by each individual patient, and that assessments and care plans are completed appropriately within agreed timeframes and reviewed as required.
    • Reviewing residents at increased risk of pressure sores, falls and other adverse events, and those who are clinically unwell, providing advice, support and assistance through clinical practices and documentation to ensure appropriate management plan is in place.
    • Participate in handover and help troubleshoot any ongoing clinical issues and non-clinical issues, escalating to the Director of Nursing/Assistant Director of Nursing as appropriate.
    • Participate in a mid-shift safety pause with nursing and care staff to evaluate all patients and provide updates as required.
    • Ensuring medication practices are carried out according to NMBI guidelines and as per recommended practice at the nursing unit and liaising with GPs and pharmacy with regards to medication reviews and audit. Ensuring all nursing staff are deemed competent in all aspects of medication management, and their practice is safe. Ensuring education on medication management practice is provided to all newly appointed staff as part of their induction and they fully understand all aspects of practice related to prescribing, administration, and documentation of medications, including electronic prescriptions.
    • Undertaking regular MAMS Medicines audits in the unit and ensuring effective feedback and action plans are undertaken and reviewed.

Staff Supervision & Education

  • Supporting the CNMs and nursing staff and provide direction, mentorship and regular communication.
  • Ensuring a strong focus is placed on working alongside the CNMs, staff nurses and carers in the nursing unit, maintain a visible presence in clinical areas. Monitor practice in relation to care practices and give constructive feedback. Establish a team dynamic in the unit and ensure that the team works cohesively in planning, implementing, and reviewing improvements to care and practice.
  • Carrying out regular Performance Appraisals and education & professional development objectives with CNMs, Staff Nurses and Care Assistants. All CNM appraisals to be performed in conjunction with the DON/ADON.
  • Training, education, development and induction of nursing and care staff are fundamental to the role.
  • Assessing education needs and implementing in house training, such as infection control, palliative and end of life care, understanding challenging behaviour, elder abuse.
  • Participating in regular communication with staff and helping to develop a team ethos within the unit.
  • Participating in staff interviews and reviews as appropriate.
  • Producing the roster; in this aspect, collaboration and effective communication with DON/ADON is vital. Monitoring usage of temporary or agency staff, ensuring this is kept to a minimum. Understanding the agreed staffing levels and maintaining compliance with these.


  • Clinical audits. Regularly review residents’ documentation, ensuring appropriate and timely assessments, care planning and implementation of care is documented and reviewed.
  • In addition to observing practice, the Senior CNM also monitors standards of infection control, cleanliness and hygiene and fosters an effective working relationship and good communication between nurses, carers, housekeeping, and catering staff.
  • Responsible for ensuring environmental and hand hygiene audits are carried out regularly and thoroughly, and that action plans are implemented and sustained.
  • Responsible for carrying out medication audits, health & safety audits, risk assessments and drawing up risk management plans in conjunction with DON.
  • Responsible for auditing EpicCare, and for addressing any issues in relation to documentation – in association with CNMs, staff nurses and carers (Touch screen).

Residents/Relatives – Person Centred

  • Interacting with and supporting residents and families daily. The Senior CNM is a key point of contact for all relatives and visitors in conjunction with the DON/ADON.
  • Ensuring that complaints are swiftly dealt with at the point of contact and if not, are escalated for resolution at DON level. Ensuring that complaints are appropriately documented and followed up as required. Ensuring that the lessons learned from complaints are documented and that quality improvements are implemented as required.
  • Assisting and liaising with the multidisciplinary team, relatives, and families.

Management and communication

  • The Senior CNM, reporting to the DON is responsible for the day to day clinical practices in the unit. This role is not office based and requires continuous presence in the clinical area, working with the nursing and care staff and other MDT members in ensuring safe and effective care standards.
  • Open, transparent and clear communication is required at all times when reporting to senior management, direct reports and all staff.
  • The Senior CNM role is part of the management team at Ballincollig and as such is responsible for ensuring the care delivered is consistently of a high quality, and those delivering the direct care to residents are appropriately skilled, competent, caring and conscientious.
  • The Senior CNM is the team leader of the staff who provide the hands-on care to our residents and is a role model of excellent nursing care and practice, who leads by example.
  • The Senior CNM will be regularly engaged in supervising staff, monitoring drug rounds, dealing with clinical issues, working with staff, and obtaining crucial information on the day to day issues. By doing this the Senior CNM can observe staff compliance with clinical standards, communication skills with residents and general working practices.

Daily Activities

  • Checking staff rosters and ensuring that the required number of staff are on duty
  • Must be a good communicator but it is vital to the smooth running of any home that staff, residents and relatives see this skill in the Senior CNM.
  • Daily: attend handovers and safety pauses and review progress of patients.
  • The main focus is in supporting and developing clinical practice, so the Senior CNM will be hands-on with nurses and carers in the delivery of care. The benefit of having this supportive role on a daily basis cannot be overstated and leads to a more confident and competent staff group.
  • Implement Company Health and Safety Policy to safeguard the safety and welfare of staff, residents and others

Skills and Attributes:

  • Qualification – First level registration
  • Registered on appropriate part of Irish live register
  • Evidence of continuous Professional Development
  • 1-2 years of CNM experience   
  • Excellent Leadership, Organisational and Communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate effectively within a management team
  • Sound decision making ability
  • Ability to motivate self and others and work on own initiative
  • Ability to work well and promote a team environment
  • Appreciation of finance issues
  • Results driven


Given the nature of the work, it must be stressed that maximum flexibility is required. This job description does not attempt to detail every activity. Specific tasks and objectives will be agreed with the post holder periodically by the Director of Nursing.