Senior Medical Physicist – Maternity Cover

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Blackrock Clinic are looking for a Medical Physicist to join our Medical Physics department for the specified purpose of covering a maternity leave contract.

The Medical Physics team is required to provide scientific support to ensure that the Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, laser and phototherapy services are delivered safely, effectively, in compliance with all relevant regulations, and to the necessary standards set by professional bodies. The Medical Physics team support the general radiography, CT, angiography, ultrasound, MRI, nuclear medicine, PET/CT, laser and phototherapy services in the hospital.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • To ensure the hospital is compliant with all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements. Consult with the Radiation Protection Adviser and Medical Physics Expert on matters of radiation protection of staff and patients where appropriate.  
  • Contribute in radiological aspects of planning new radiological facilities, including risk assessments, shielding assessments and commissioning of equipment.


The Senior Medical Physicist will:

1.        Perform quality assurance and quality control testing of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine imaging equipment.

2.        Interpret and act upon results of tests, investigations and measurements in accordance with departmental policies, procedures and quality systems.

3.        Support the Radiology Service Manager in the implementation of the routine user QA for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine equipment and provide training.

4.        Be responsible for the safe use of complex scientific and medical equipment, including recording all maintenance and calibration procedures performed and any corrective actions undertaken.

5.        Maintain an accurate record of calibration dates and certificates.

6.        Provide on-going support for new protocols/services in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

7.        Develop protocols and procedures for new applications.

8.        Carry out appropriate risk assessments.

9.        Commission new equipment and software and following upgrades to same.

10.    Contribute to audits to inform patient management and clinical care.

11.    Develop and review of safety procedures.

12.    Provide advice and assistance on radiation protection (in consultation with the Principal Medical Physicist and Radiation Protection Adviser).

13.    Support and assist in the monitoring of occupational radiation exposure. 

14.    Provide advice on Laser and UV safety where appropriate.

15.    Perform routine quality assurance testing on diagnostic display systems.

16.    Perform dosimetry of phototherapy equipment.

17.    Provide scientific and technical support for radiopharmaceutical preparation and delivery of patient doses within the Nuclear Medicine department.

18.    Contribute to the selection and testing of all personal protective equipment for ionising and non-ionising radiation, including protective barriers, lead aprons and glasses, and equipment for the radiopharmacy in line with best practice.

19.    Assist in the provision of advice to medical, nursing and other healthcare staff on the optimal and safe use of scientific procedures and highly complex equipment, including assisting in the design of new facilities.

20.    Provide a hospital-wide education service to Blackrock Clinic staff on issues of radiation safety and provide an ‘open-door’ information service to any staff member who may have questions or concerns regarding radiation safety.

21.    Participate in departmental seminars and scientific meetings to disseminate knowledge acquired through study or research.

22.    Maintain knowledge of recent scientific developments and undertake supplementary training to develop both knowledge and skills.

23.    Perform any other duties as required by the department/management.


General duties

  • Attend mandatory training as required.
  • Maintain continuous professional development.
  • Comply with quality and governance procedures within the department including risk management and risk mitigation.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Legislation.
  • Use reagents, consumables, hazardous materials and equipment safely and in accordance with Health and Safety policies.


Personnel and Communication Skills

  • Promote and maintain a safe environment for staff and patients.
  • Develop and maintain a training function as may be required in relation to qualified staff and/or trainees and students. Supervise and assess training as required.
  • Maintain documents according to the policies and procedures of Blackrock Clinic.
  • Communicate appropriately with colleagues and other members of staff.
  • Attend and contribute in staff meetings and team briefings.



Background and Experience


  • First or second-class honours degree (level 8) in which Physics was taken as a major subject and honours obtained in that subject or hold an equivalent recognised qualification at least equivalent thereto.
  • Hold a postgraduate (MSc or PhD) degree in Medical Physics or hold recognised qualifications at least equivalent there to M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Medical Physics or equivalent.
  • Minimum three years’ experience working as diagnostic medical physicist.
  • Comprehensive experience in a number of the following specialities: X-ray, Nuclear Medicine/PET, radiation protection.


  • Have experience in or more of the following specialities: Ultrasound, Phototherapy and Lasers or MRI.
  • Be a registered Medical Physics Expert in Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging Physics and/ or Clinical diagnostics and therapeutics.




Please Note:- 


This job description is a reflection of the present service requirements and may be subject to review and amendments to meet the changing needs of the service. Please note that we reserve the right to close this vacancy early if sufficient applications are received.


We will not contact unsuccessful applicants, therefore if you do not hear from us following the vacancy closing, please assume that your application has been unsuccessful.


Furthermore, it is essential that you have valid work permission for the Republic of Ireland to take up employment for this position, or in the case of critical skills, you must be eligible for a work permit.

Contribute in radiological aspects of planning new radiological facilities, including risk assessments, shielding assessments and commissioning of equipment.