Support Workers – Various Contracts

Brothers of Charity Services Ireland
Employment Type
€27,935 - €40,393 per annum
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Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Clare Region

Applications are invited for the following positions in Ennis, Co. Clare.


Contract available

  • Permanent Part-Time
  • Specified Purpose
  • Relief

You will have an opportunity to identify your preferred contract during the application process.


Salary Scale (Pro-rata)

€27,935, €28,995, €30,345, €30,914, €31,690, €33,195, €34,812, €35,377, €36,781, €37,831, €38,687, €39,648, , €40,393 per annum basic before premium pay (pro-rata), commensurate with qualifications and experience.

All new entrants to the Public Service will start at the first point of the above salary scale

Short listing of applications may apply

Canvassing will disqualify

Panels may be formed as a result of the interview process. Candidates who are placed on a panel will be considered for subsequent vacancies, for a period of up to one year, for this grade.

The Brothers of Charity Services Ireland is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Principal Duties and Responsibilities of the Post:

  1. To treat individuals availing of our service with respect and dignity.
  2. To be aware of the authentic needs of each person being supported.
  3. Use individual person centred planning or any other appropriate tool to learn about each individual’s outcome priorities. Establish with the individual steps to achieve his/her outcome priorities.
  4. Identify and establish services and supports needed to assist the person to achieve his/her outcomes and liaise with family members, volunteers, other staff and professionals as appropriate.
  5. To contribute in a respectful and positive way to the persons wellbeing and development. You will be personally and actively engaged in supplying the things that have been proven to help the person.
  6. The support worker must have the ability and interest to develop community networks and encourage natural circles of support.
  7. To make significant efforts to understand the person’s life story, to gain a sense of the way the person experiences difficult times, and to discover hopeful possibilities for developing the person’s gifts and capacities.
  8. Is aware of the person’s ongoing health needs and assisting with them where required.
  9. Where required, provide direct practical help, support and guidance to individuals in their daily living, such as personal/home care.
  10. To listen to the individual’s wishes and support the person to advocate for themselves. Where required, assist them by advocating on their behalf or to access the independent advocacy services.
  11. To actively search for opportunities for the person to make personally satisfying contributions through involvement in valued roles in their community.
  12. To ensure that all matters relating to individuals availing of our service are confidential.
  13. To adhere to the HIQA Standards within your work location.
  14. Be conscious of Health & Safety matters in the workplace and, in particular, to comply with employees’ obligations as set out under Section 9 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005. Ensure that the procedures set out in the Safety Statement are implemented at all times. Become familiar with and practise fire drill procedures within places of work, i.e. fire detection, evacuation and firefighting.
  15. Ensure that all accidents are reported promptly to your Team Leader/Co-Ordinator.
  16. To attend all training that is offered to you, so that you fully understand and work with all the procedures and guidelines within the organisation.
  17. It is your duty to report any concerns you have for the safety and welfare of the clients of the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland Clare to your Manager immediately in line with Trust in Care (2005). You are also legally obliged to comply with the Criminal Justice (Withholding of Information on Offences Against Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act, 2012.
  18. To perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Clare Services Manager (or Designate).
  19. As the duties and responsibilities of any post in the Services are likely to change with the ongoing needs of the Service, staff are expected to have a high level of flexibility, and a willingness and an ability to develop new approaches to their work. The context of this post may change as the organisation grows.

Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Clare Region