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€54,677 - €64,380 per annum
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The Brothers of Charity Services empower people with intellectual disability / autism and their families to live the lives they choose. Our focus going forward is to form a relationship/partnership with each individual and his or her family, enabling them to design their own service so that they can enjoy a real meaningful life in a real place with a healthy balance of supports. We wish to create opportunities for people with an intellectual disability to have valued social roles in their communities and to have the chance to form real friendships. In order to assist us to achieve this vision we wish to recruit innovative and proactive people who will relish the opportunity to assist in implementing this vision.

We are delighted to invite applications for Senior Occupational Therapists to join our team to be part of a national Brothers of Charity project, funded through the HSE Strengthening Disability Services initiative.

Applications are invited for the following posts in the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland:

Post A: West Region servicing Galway city and County and County Roscommon. 2 wte full-time Senior posts (fixed term for 17 months)

Post B: Clare Region servicing County Clare. 1 wte full-time Senior post (fixed term for 17 months).

Post C: Limerick Region servicing Limerick city and County. 1 wte full-time Senior post (fixed term for 18 months)

Post D: Southern Region serving Cork city and County. 1 wte full-time Senior post (fixed term for 17 months)

Post E: South East Region servicing Waterford & South Tipperary, Kilkenny & Wexford. 1 wte full-time Senior post (fixed term for 17 months)

Please note part-time contracts also considered with length of fixed-term contract adjusted accordingly.


These posts are funded through the HSE Strengthening Disability Services initiative awarded to the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland towards achieving additional measurable progress in reforming disability services. These posts are part of a national project involving all Brothers of Charity regions within Ireland. The emphasis of this national project is to assess the associated outcomes of providing occupational therapy intervention for adults with Intellectual Disability and complex needs who experience sensory issues contributing to behaviours that challenge and ability to engage in everyday activities.


The role will require close working with other members of the multidisciplinary team using a person centred approach to provide occupational therapy assessments and deliver interventions to adults with Intellectual disability and complex needs. The post holder will be responsible for measuring and reporting on occupational therapy outcomes as part of the project to inform service delivery. The post holder will be required to provide updates on the project outcomes to the Project Steering Group under two main strands i.e., assessment and implementation of strategies for project participants & development of resources to support sensory regulation and activity engagement. The role will require close collaboration with other occupational therapists involved with the project at a national level to develop a model of service, including development of training and resource packs for families, frontline and clinical support staff to better understand and support sensory regulation within the context of the person’s occupational performance within relevant environments. The remit of the post is to develop, deliver, evaluate and report on this service’s outcomes working within the parameters of the national project initiative.

Reporting/Responsible To:

Occupational Therapy Manager/Deputy/Assigned line manager

Works With:

People supported and families

Multidisciplinary Teams

Area Managers, Service Co-ordinators, Team-leaders and Front-Line Staff

Educational, Health, Vocational and Community Agencies

Line Manager/Occupational Therapy Manager and Occupational Therapy Dept. Staff

Members of national project operational group.

Members of project steering group.

Eligibility Criteria

(i) Qualifications

Candidates must at the latest date of application:

⦁ Hold an Occupational therapy qualification recognised by the Occupational Therapy Registration Board at CORU. See


⦁ Be registered on the Occupational Therapists Register, maintained by the Occupational Therapy Registration Board at CORU

(ii) Experience

Candidates must have:

1. Three years full time (or an aggregate of three years full time) post qualification clinical experience.

2. Experience in addressing poor engagement and sensory regulation issues.

3. Excellent clinical occupational therapy knowledge and skills of relevance to working with adults with Intellectual Disabilities, many of whom have additional difficulties e.g. physical and sensory disabilities, Autism & mental health problems.

4. Experience of reporting on the effectiveness of interventions, using evaluation tools and therapy outcomes measures.

5. Have excellent time management skills and the ability to work in a self-directed manner.

6. Possess the requisite clinical and administrative capacity to fulfil the functions of the role.

It is highly desirable for candidates to have:

⦁ Experience providing Occupational Therapy (O.T) assessments and interventions for people with Intellectual disability, Autism and complex needs.

⦁ Relevant post graduate education and/or CPD accredited courses in Sensory Integration.

⦁ Experience of using sensory assessment tools, as part of a comprehensive O.T assessment, which considers sensory issues in the context of the person’s occupational performance within relevant environments.

⦁ Experience of implementing sensory interventions that aim to facilitate occupational performance by adapting tasks, &/or the environment &/or improving the person’s capacity for self-regulation.

⦁ Presentation/training/teaching/coaching skills.

⦁ Excellent I.T skills

(iii) Character

Each candidate for and any Imageperson holding the office must be of good character.

(iv) Skills

Candidates must demonstrate competency in applying theory, knowledge and skills of Occupational Therapy using evidence based interventions to support adults with disabilities and complex needs. Flexibility and an openness to change are required. Candidates must have strong team working skills and be committed to a person centred approach. Fluency in verbal and written English and excellent communication skills are essential.

(v) Other

A full clean driving licence and use of a car is an essential requirement of this post.

Tenure of Employment:

This appointment is full-time, fixed-term temporary and pensionable.

Working Hours:

35 hours per week worked over a roster agreed with Line Manager. Contracted hours are liable to change between the hours of 8am – 8pm as future service needs require. The Health Service is undergoing transformation and therefore it is critical that a flexible attitude to changing environments and work requirements is held by the successful candidate.

Annual Leave:

29 days per annum pro-rata. The annual leave is planned by prior arrangement with her/his Line Manager.


A salary scale of €54,677 x 8 increments – € PSPP) pro-rata to a full-time post


A probationary period of nine months from the date of appointment applies to the post. The employment may be terminated at any time during the probationary period should the employer find that the appointee is unsuitable to continue employment. The probation period may be extended at the Employer’s discretion.

Pension Scheme

The Brothers of Charity Contributory Superannuation Scheme which is linked with the Nominated Health Agencies Superannuation Scheme or Single Public Service Pension Scheme (whichever is applicable) will apply to this appointment and the person appointed will enter the said Scheme as and from the date of taking up employment.


Each candidate for and any person holding the appointment must be free from any defect or disease which would render him/her unsuitable to hold the appointment, and must be in a state of health as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. To satisfy this qualification, the successful candidate will be required to undergo a medical examination by a medical practitioner nominated by the employing authority

Driving Licence: Possession of a full clean driving licence which qualifies you to drive on Irish roads with means of transport is essential.

The person appointed will be required to provide their own transport during the duration of employment and will be paid travel expenses at the appropriate rates in respect of travel necessarily performed in the discharge or his/her duties. The base for this purpose will be the location to which the appointee is assigned.

Note re Canvassing

Any attempt by candidates themselves or by any person(s) acting at their instigation directly or indirectly, by means of written communication or otherwise to canvass or otherwise influence in the candidate’s favour any member of the staff of Brothers of Charity Southern Services or person nominated to interview or examine applicants, will automatically disqualify the candidates for the position they are seeking.

Garda E-Vetting / Police Clearance

Garda E-Vetting is a requirement for employment in the Brothers of Charity (Southern Services). Police Clearance is also required for candidates who have lived abroad for over six months.


At least one month’s notice, in writing, is required of intention to resign from the post during your probationary period and two months thereafter.

Specific Conditions

⦁ Staff must have a positive attitude towards working with persons with a complex disability and help to ensure that they lead as normal and enjoyable a life as possible.

⦁ Staff must treat each person with an intellectual disability as an individual and at all times acknowledge and respect the rights and personal dignity of the person.

⦁ Staff are required to establish and maintain relationships with individuals with disabilities that are based on respect and equality and that promote their independence.

⦁ Staff must adhere to the National Quality Standards: Residential Services for People with Disabilities (Health Information and Quality Authority)

⦁ Staff must maintain and further develop their professional competencies via continuous professional development and strive for excellence in their work practices.

⦁ Staff must work in accordance with best practice per Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Occupational Therapists as developed by CORU.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Professional/Clinical Practice

The Senior Occupational Therapist will:

⦁ Be responsible for the co-ordination and delivery of a quality service in line with best practice and professional standards, using clear clinical reasoning and a strong evidence base to guide practice.

⦁ Manage a complex clinical caseload of adults with Intellectual Disabilities who meet the inclusion criteria for the project in consultation with multidisciplinary team, operational management, families, carers and staff.

⦁ To work collaboratively with other occupational therapists involved in the national project to develop, deliver, evaluate and report on occupational therapy (O.T) services and therapy outcomes. This includes the development of training and resource packs for families, frontline and clinical support staff to better understand and support sensory regulation within the context of the person’s daily life within relevant environments.

⦁ To provide updates on the project outcomes on request to the Project Steering Group under two main strands of the project i.e., assessments and interventions for project participants and development of user friendly resources that are in line with best practice and professional standards.

⦁ To deliver O.T services within the remit of the national project initiative and to work within the scope and role of O.T clinical practice in order to meet the expected professional standards of performance, ethics and conduct.

⦁ To provide comprehensive O.T assessment and intervention which includes assessment and consideration of an individual’s sensory profile, preferences and needs and programme planning, monitoring, consultation and/or onward referral services, as appropriate for adults participating in the project.

⦁ To engage in therapeutic and professional relationships with people supported and their families in a fair, equitable and inclusive manner.

⦁ To use the O.T process to assess needs, plan, grade, implement and modify effective interventions to achieve optimum independence and participation within daily routines, enhance quality of life and maximise integration within the local community. Interventions may include individual and group interventions, consultative work, programme provision, equipment prescription and environmental modifications. Service delivery should be in keeping with the Personal Outcomes Model adopted by the organisation, taking into account person centred needs, staff/carer needs, environment and available resources, quality and value for money.

⦁ To use appropriate assessment tools and processes to identify occupational and functional needs in areas of daily living including self-care, productivity and leisure.

⦁ To work collaboratively with individuals, their family, multi-disciplinary services, frontline staff and other relevant stakeholders in setting meaningful goals to enhance engagement and participation in activities of daily living and measuring outcomes.

⦁ To monitor and evaluate O.T practice within the designated service area.

⦁ To effectively communicate with people supported, family members, multi-disciplinary colleagues, carers and relevant staff involved in service provision to promote understanding and follow-through of therapy recommendations.

⦁ To work effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team to support project participants- actively participate in team work, team meetings, individual programme planning, joint working, case discussions, team-based planning and service development.

⦁ To collaborate with all stakeholders across education, vocational, respite and community-based services, as required, in delivering appropriate O.T and team-based interventions.

⦁ To actively participate in cross-services and inter-agency working, fostering a positive, efficient and supportive working environment.

⦁ To write accurate, clear, contemporaneous records in accordance with legal and professional requirements, and Service policy.

⦁ To use available electronic and information technology systems for effective communication, information exchange and information recording.

⦁ Operate within the scope of O.T practice as per CORU requirements and in accordance with local guidelines.

⦁ Contribute to the development of clinical support structures for occupational therapists

⦁ Be a clinical resource and share clinical knowledge with other Occupational therapists, supporting upskilling through coaching and mentoring.


The Senior Occupational Therapist will:

⦁ Be responsible for the co-ordination and delivery of service in designated area(s) within the remit of the role.

⦁ Review and allocate resources within the designated area, in collaboration with the Line Manager, project governance structure and relevant others.

⦁ Promote good working practice and uniformity of standards of best practice.

⦁ Promote quality by reviewing and evaluating the Occupational Therapy service outcomes regularly, identifying changing needs and opportunities to improve services, in collaboration with the Line Manager, project governance structure and relevant others.

⦁ Be responsible for evaluating and reporting on therapy outcomes using evidence based evaluation tools and clinical outcome measures.

⦁ Collect and evaluate data about the people supported, service delivery and therapy outcomes and demonstrate the achievement of the objectives of the national project initiative.

⦁ Produce annual / quarterly / monthly statistics on workload as requested through the line management system and project governance structure.

⦁ Oversee the upkeep of accurate records in line with best clinical governance, organisational requirements, the Freedom of Information Act, General Data Protection Regulation (2018) and render reports and other information / statistics as required

⦁ Represent the department / team at meetings and conferences for duties related to the national project initiative as appropriate

⦁ Liaise with the Line Manager regarding the needs, interests and views of Occupational Therapy staff.

⦁ Promote good team working, and a culture that values diversity

⦁ Participate in the management of O.T equipment resources in conjunction with the Line Manager

⦁ Engage in IT developments as they apply to people supported and service administration

⦁ Keep up to date with developments within the organisation and the Irish Health Service

⦁ Act in accordance with the ethos and national and local policies of the Brothers of Charity.

⦁ Respect the dignity of all persons supported

⦁ Aim for the highest possible professional ethics and expertise

⦁ All matters relating to the Service are confidential in nature. Respect of the confidential nature of all information conveyed either verbally or in writing during the course of work is expected.

⦁ Comply with all current legislation, policies and procedures of the Brothers of Charity and become involved in policy and procedure development in the service

Education and Training

The Senior Occupational Therapist will:

⦁ Identify training needs and undertake training for the purpose of continued professional development in agreement with the line manager.

⦁ Participate in mandatory training programmes

⦁ Participate in continuing professional development including in-service training, attending and presenting at conferences / courses relevant to practice, contributing to research etc. as agreed through the line management system.

⦁ Organise relevant training and teaching programmes for parents, staff, people supported, multidisciplinary team colleagues and students as required within the remit of the post.

⦁ Manage, participate and play a key role in the practice education of student therapists.

⦁ Take part in teaching / training / supervision of other O.T and non-O.T staff / students and attend practice educator courses as required within the remit of the post.

⦁ Assist in the development of community awareness in the field of Intellectual Disability and Autism, in agreement with the line manager

⦁ Be available for consultation to other professionals including those employed by other statutory bodies in O.T for people with an Intellectual Disability & Autism, as appropriate for their position.

⦁ Attend and participate in department/team meetings as relevant and appropriate to this post.

⦁ Engage in regular supervision with Line Manager or other designated persons or in peer supervision with other Senior O.T(s); and participate in performance review.

⦁ Ensure newly recruited therapists have adequate induction in accordance with the agreed departmental and organisational procedures.

⦁ Ensure newly recruited therapists have clinical supervision as directed by the Line Manager.

⦁ Assist in implementing annual staff development and performance review as required by Line Manager

Quality, Health & Safety and Risk

The Senior Occupational Therapist will:

⦁ Promote a safe working environment in accordance with Health and Safety legislation and, in particular, to comply with employees’ obligations as set out in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

⦁ Be aware of and implement agreed policies, procedures and safe professional practice by adhering to relevant legislation, regulations and standards.

⦁ Report all accidents to staff or people supported promptly to the relevant manager and/or Director of Services

⦁ Be aware of and become familiar with fire drill procedures i.e. fire detection, evacuation and firefighting.

⦁ Actively participate in risk management issues, identify risks and take responsibility for appropriate action.

⦁ Report any adverse incidents in accordance with organisational guidelines.

This is a specified purpose post tied to the BOCSI strengthening disabilities funded national project initiative and it’s timings/funding. The remit of the post holder will remain within the scope and parameters of the national project initiative. The role of the post holder will not be limited by reference to this job description. It would be expected that the role will evolve as professional, structural and the person supported demands change and the post holder will be expected to demonstrate flexibility skills that will facilitate this.

The above Job Description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office.

A panel may be formed as a result of this process. Please note only future vacancies related to this BOCSI strengthening disabilities funded national project initiative will be filled from this panel.

Informal enquiries to: please see our website –

The closing date for receipt of all applications is 11th July 2022

Interviews for this post will take place via Microsoft Teams

The Brothers of Charity Services Ireland is an equal opportunities employer