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Frozen misadventure

“… is intended for birds. I will not steal food that is intended for birds. I will not …”. Sorry about that. I’ve just been transcribing, à la Bart Simpson, my
New Year’s resolution. This is to atone for a shameful act I perpetrated while gripped with cabin fever, triggered by recent Arctic weather conditions.


Hope for the future

I think most people are glad to have said “goodbye” to 2010. We had two winters, thousands lost their jobs, thousands more were plunged deep into personal debt, most people took savage wage cuts and tax hikes, social welfare payments were slashed, the health services were a shambles, we had a hopeless Government, our country lost its economic sovereignty and we were fed a steady stream of misery by the media, which regularly informed us that we had never been worse off and our children and our children’s children would still be paying for this in generations to come.


The question of salival remedies

Every time I hear Jethro Tull’s Life’s a Long Song (1972), I think of my granny. It’s not that she could play a flute while standing on one leg; and her musical horizons did not extend beyond anything in the church hymnal.


Is breast cancer linked to abortion?

In 2003 Dr Louise Brinton, the US National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Chief of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, served as chairperson at an NCI workshop to assess whether abortion was implicated as a breast cancer risk. In the opinion of “over 100 of the world’s leading experts”, said the subsequent NCI report, including Dr Brinton, the answer was an emphatic no.


Target the rich, not the poor

I’m truly sick and tired of listening to the Government in all its manifestations (and there are many) wringing its collective hands over the gloom and doom they are planning to inflict on us in the December budget and their empty platitudes that we must all bear the pain equally.

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